Friday, June 23, 2017

My Microblading Experience Round 2: Touch Up & Shading

Hi Dolls!

Here we are go again with another installment post! First off, I need to thank Mai Lea from MaiLash & Brows for being so sweet and helpful throughout this entire process. She is a master at her talent and I cannot thank her enough for working with me and giving me the brows I have always wanted! 

Going into my touch up appointment, I had to do the before care steps as I did the first time around. (You technique will give you all that info) I had some photos to show of what I wanted my brows to look like, because we were doing shading to make them look fuller. The Microblading was done first and then the shading. So if you are not sure about doing the shading at your touch up appointment, that's ok! It's a two step process. :) I will show you the difference on this post ;) 

Just like the first appointment, we worked with the desired shape outline. Once that was complete, she applied the numbing cream and then we waited about 20 minutes for it to set in. Now, your skin has entered the healing stage from the first appointment and it's going to be more sensitive the second time around. You have a small window to get in for your touch up because your skins healing cycle. 

The brow on the left side (picture of above) has just completed the first round of microblading. The picture on the right side, is showing you one brow with the numbing gel back on because we are getting ready for the shading! The brow she is working on is finishing off the second round of microblading.

Picture below shows you the difference between staying with the two rounds of microblading and adding shading. Notice how fuller the brow with shading looks! So obsessed haha

Look at those results ladies! I am so happy with my touch up appointment!!

Post Touch Up Appointment Check In's

Ok ladies, just like the last microblading post, I will be doing my weekly check in's with you and of course sharing photos of my brows.

Two Days Post Touch Up

This time around my brows were more sensitive after the appointment and more red on the outer-shape. They were tight feeling for the first two days and now they feel great but have a tiny tightness feeling still. I do still have some redness around the outers shape of my brows.

 Also, SO HAPPY I invested in my beauty ring light to use for my touch up photos.

Remember that the few days or week, your brows are going to be really dark. Remember this is a process and it takes time to achieve that final look!

Four Days Post Touch Up

Coming June 25th....

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Need your help!

Hi Dolls!

I love connecting with you on Instagram and other social outlets but with the new changes to these social platforms they are making it SO MUCH harder for us to stay connected! So I ask for a few minutes of your time, to answer a couple of questions for me. I love blogging so much and I want to create a content that is fun for the both of us. By answering these few questions, you are helping me out greatly!

Thank you so much babes!!

What do you want to see more of on Instagram?

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What kind of blog posts do you want to see?

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What do you go on Instagram?

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Monday, June 19, 2017

Summer Fun with Itzy Ritz

Hi Dolls,

Summer is here and that means us Mamas are putting in that extra work to keep our littles entertained! It can get expensive to keep these kiddos busy and I wanted to share how I'm keeping my kids busy this Summer without breaking the bank!

When Itzy Ritzy contacted me about these snack bags, I was over the moon excited!! My kids are snacking machines!!! My bag is full of snacks when we leave the house and I love having these reusable and washable little bags. I have one large one and one small size one for each of the kids. Our current favorite snacks fit in them and that makes this Mama oh so happy! They love the fun prints on them too and the price point too! 

I have use them for other items as well. My son liked to put his hot wheels and legos in them when we went to dinner. My daughter put in her favorite pretend make up and little figures to play with when lunch with friends.

( My tee and my son's hat )

This Summer my kids are at a really fun age and I am loving it! I'm going to break down what we have been doing and what we have on out Summer Activities list.

  •  First off, head to Pinterest and create a Summer Activities board. I have a couple kids boards created, so make sure to check them out. As I'm sure you already know, Pinterest is overloaded with Summer fun. Tho, it can get overwhelming, so I like to try and stick to a theme...printing, building, outside activities, etc. My kids and I have picked our top 5 things we want to try out from Pinterest. 
  • Google your local library and check out their events page. Every library has a Summer reading program and this is good for all ages. Even if your kids are 1-2 years old, getting on the floor and reading to them or doing picture books is so good for them. Some libraries have some really great events going on for kids. Our local library is having a lego building day and a read to a service dog day! 
  • Google your local parks/splash pads. Arizona is such a hot state, so thankfully they offer some free splash pads for the kids to cool off at. We love to pack up our bags with toys and snacks when we plan our park days. Bring a large blanket and enjoy lunch outside. 
  • Check out your cities recreation website. They can offer free events for you and your kids!
  • Home Depot offers FREE work shops for kids and adults!
  • Summer Movies! Most movie theaters offer a Summer Movie package at a very discounted rate. 
  • Vacation Bible School. These fun camps can either be free or very cost effective. 
  • Check out your local tourist website page! Be a tourist in your town. They will have the best info on what's happening in your town. 

I hope you enjoyed today's post and got some inspiration for your Summer fun! What are some of your favorite things to do this Summer? Thank you to Itzy Ritzy for sending my kids and I these amazing on the go bags for all our Summer fun. Make sure you guys go and check them out!

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Weekend Sales Alert

Hi Loves!

I sure hope your week went well. The weekend is here and we have another round up of some great sales happening!

Forever 21 is offering up to 20% OFF with code: SUMMER20 ends 6:18

Hunter Boots is offering up to 40% OFF

LOFT is offering 40% OFF site wide w/code: NEWNOW

Some other great sales to check out are:

Nordstrom Rack is 25% OFF

Coach is offering 50% OFF

LAST CALL is offering 40% ONE ITEM w/code 40JUNE

Friday, June 16, 2017

Sunny Days with my girl

Hi Loves!

Is it me or did this weekend COMPLETELY fly?! I'm so happy Summer is here and not having to be on a schedule. On the other hand, I'm like I NEED my schedule back! The kids are at stage where they need to be doing activities all day and ready to take on the day the moment they wake up, which is a 6am! So this Mama REALLY needs to step her game up this Summer and get my Summer schedule together for us. I'm working on a fun Summer Activities post for you babes, so PLEASE stay tuned for that!

Ok lets jump into today's post with my little sweet girl who LOVES her accessories. Not exactly sure where she got that from?! hehe

I have to say, I wasn't going to be complete as a Mom without having a little girl. This girl is everything I prayed to God for. She is strong, independent, fearless, loving, patent, and kind!!! I learn so much from her everyday. I am completely soaking up our days together because she will be in Kindergarten before I know it.

I'm pretty darn lucky to have a forever best friend. We love to get a Starbucks and walk around our favorite stores talking about clothes. She is a TRUE girly girl, so much that when she was a baby she would cry when we had to go outside so her older brother could get some play time in the back yard! She is better now because her brother is bringing out some tomboy in her but that girly girl comes back to take over when she has had a enough. HA!

As Mom's we have a strong obligation to make sure our daughters know that their voice is valued and heard. To know that they don't need a man to make them happy or for them to value their worth!! I know my daughter will do big things in her life and that she will not have the doubt that she isn't good enough, like I did growing up and still do at times. I don't have  good relationship with my Dad and it really has effected me my entire life.

I'm so grateful that God brought my Husband into my life. He is an amazing Father and Husband to us. With Fathers Day around the corner, it makes me squeeze that man even tighter! I cannot tell you ladies how much my heart hurts with joy, looking at my daughter and my Husband together. Knowing that she will never ever be effected like I was growing up. She is strong already because he treats her life a Father should!

I didn't mean to get so deep on this post, but I felt like I had to share that part of my life because I've been struggling with a lot lately and I'm trying to work my way out of it. It's really hard opening your heart up to strangers and letting people see your sadness. Thank you ladies for always uplifting me when we chat on Instagram. Your friendships mean a lot to me!

I snagged this dress from Target a little bit ago and a handful of you ladies scooped it up already! I had it linked on a couple of my Instagram posts. ;) It does run big and I'm wearing small here. I believe it is meant to be oversized. 

Thank you so much stopping by today babes! Love you ladies to death!!

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Saturday, June 10, 2017

Weekend Sales Alert

Hi Dolls and welcome to my new weekly post that'll be doing for you! Let me do all the work for you, so you know where you can find the best sales happening on the weekends! I'll also link my top picks for you as well. Make sure you subscribe to my mailing list because this will get sent directly to your email every weekend! Happy Shopping!

  • Ann Taylor is offering 40% off w/code SHOP40 ends 6.11

  • LOFT if offering 40% off ends 6.12

Here are some other sales that are happening as well!

Friday, June 9, 2017

One Dress // Two Outfits

Hi Dolls!

I'm so excited to share this fun post with you today. I was sent this adorable dress from a sweet LuLaRoe Stylist and I couldn't wait to try it on! I just adore the bright coral color for Spring/Summer and the high low hemline on it! 

I styled this dress two different ways, so you can see just how fun this dress really is. The first way I styled it was with lots of accessories because well, why not?! I am addicted to jean jackets but since it's so hot here in Arizona right now I settled for a jean vest instead ;) Adding a hat to your outfit, automatically steps it up to another level. If you wanting to buy a hat for your collection, pick a hat color that will go with just about everything. Try and stay away from bold color hats.  I'll link good options below for you! 

Outfit Number One

Now lets get into some accessories talk.....what girl doesn't love accessories?! I'm going to show you why I love them so much. First off, they will either make or break your outfit. So decide if you want to either focus on necklaces, bracelets, or earrings. You don't want to overwhelm yourself with them because then you then you look to busy! Secondly, you need to figure out what accessories suit you best! I'm more of a necklace and bracelet kind of girl. Statement earrings are not my thing but they doesn't mean they wouldn't look great on you! So play around with different accessories to see what you feel best in.

A cross body and a hat are always a win in my book! Try and keep those items more simple if you are going to be layering on accessories with your outfit. I recently snagged these Stella and Dot necklaces and I couldn't be happier with them. I will link them  HERE   and   HERE  for you. I wear my chocker with just about everything and I also have it in gold!

Outfit Number Two

With this look, I went with my all time favorite pair of jeans and knotted the dress up to make it into a shirt! I love the high-low hemline trend so much and this works perfectly. I kept my accessories easy with this look as well because you can literally wear them with everything! 

If the knotted look isn't your thing, you can always just tuck in the front part of the dress and create the high-low effect this way!

 I truly hope you enjoyed today's post dolls and that it brought you some inspiration to try new trends or try and switch up a piece of clothing you already have. Fashion doesn't always have to be by the magazine cover or what we see on Instagram! Fashion is so much more than that. So have fun and remember feeling beautiful is all that matters!

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