Tuesday, December 13, 2016

It's a Mama Bear Thing // 5 things I always keep in my bag

This Mom life is no easy task, lets face it. You are dealing with a roller coster of emotions and meltdowns 24/7.  So today I'm sharing what 5 key things I ALWAYS keep in my bag so I'm always ready for whatever these littles throw my way. My kids are in the toddler stage so if you have little tiny humans, adjust the snacks/treats accordingly. 

5 key Items
  1. Snacks: What better way is their to redirect a meltdown or a sad crying little?! When selecting my snacks, I go for something that is going to level out their blood sugar level. Gold Fish, applesauce, or a fruit snack always does the trick for my kids right now. Sometimes I will switching out the Gold Fish for a little bag of chips. 
  2. Baby wipes: No matter how old your kids will get, you will find that you will ALWAYS need baby wipes. I like to keep a pack in the front of the car, because the kids seem to always need to wipe their hands off at some point during the day while we are out and about. 
  3. Sanitizer: I like to keep a couple different options in my bag. Wet Ones are great to use to wipe down grocery carts just in case the store doesn't offer them before you go inside. The Honest Spray is one of my favorites because for one it smells amazing, I personally love the Lavender scent and secondly it's the perfect thing to take out in a hurry to clean off those little germy hands! 
  4. "Poop Bags". That's right...remember those little poop trash bags you ALWAYS had in your diaper bag when your kids were going through dirty diapers every 5 minutes?! These little bags are wonderful to keep in your bag for smelly trash or dirty undies when going through potty training. The odor control bags help your bag/purse or car from smelling awful till you can find a trash can. 
  5. TREATS!! I mean who doesn't love a little lollipop?! My kids do catch on to whatever treat I am carrying in my bag so I like to switch it up from time to time. I will throw in a little pack of cookies or a rice Krispy Treat to throw them off. These little treats are wonderful to offer when you are needing them to really listen in an appointment or while you are trying to check out at the store and they are wanting every toy by the check out stand! 


If you are looking for a new bag to keep your key items in I would highly recommend this adorable bag from Loved By Hannah and Eli. It is a canvas exterior with a black waterproof nylon lining on the inside with a brass zipper. Really holds a lot of stuff and the phrase on the front sums up what you are carrying perfectly! Comment below what items you always carry with your kids!

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