Saturday, December 24, 2016

Mommy's Man Cub

Sharing a little Mommy thoughts today. So bare with me ladies. :) 

I am in complete denial that my little man is now 5 1/2 years old and going to start Kindergarten next year. I'm so sad that he will be in school all day, not gonna lie. I wish I could homeschool my kids but they love attending their school and it warms my heart to see them interact with their little friends and amazing teachers. If it wasn't for their school, I really think I would homeschool them. I am that Mom that hangs with her kids 24/7 and misses them like crazy when I get Mommy time LOL I don't really have many  friends here in AZ. I feel like we just moved here 6 months ago but we are going on a year and half now. I miss our old town in California and lets face it the weather too! This AZ heat is NO JOKE! We have a gorgeous life here in AZ and I'm so proud of my husband and where he is in his career. He has worked so hard to be in the position he is in now and I'm going to support him wherever his career takes us. 
With technology biting at our ankles 24/7, it's nice to sit outside and enjoy God's creations. My kids love to be outside and it brings back a lot of memories watching them play together. I remember the days my brothers would let me tag along with them on their bike rides to the park and I will cherish those memories for the rest of my life. I pray that my kids will remain close through out their entire lives and always have each others backs NO MATTER WHAT. I'm very close with my family and I want that for my kids so badly. Family is everything to me. When I see my son be so caring and thoughtful to his sister it brings tears to my eyes insistently. He has the most caring and loving soul for a 5 year old. 
He also has the appetite of a 16 year old! I love that he is out of the "I will only eat three things" stage! HA!  His sister is in that stage now and it's killing me. I know it won't last forever and why not let them enjoy it?! You are only tiny once and then life happens and stress happens. 
 If you are wondering why I don't show my kids little faces...well.....It's because we live in a scary world now and I will do all that I can to fully protect them. I know I'm not this big time blogger but I don't want to chance anything! I want to share my littles with everyone because they are pretty darn amazing but it's also nice to keep some things to yourself. :)

 I try to fit in little fun dates with my son while his sister is at school for a full two and half hours. hehe That girl loves school and I don't blame her. They do so many fun things. This is the first time my son and I have had actual one on one time since his sister came into the picture almost 4 years ago. Our time goes by so fast when sis is in school and I feel bad at times because I can see that he is really needing that time with me. We love to go fishing at our community pond, play in the sand box in the yard, sit on the floor and play trucks, or his favorite thing to do is go walk around Bass Pro! He is a little true boy. Always has a toy gun one hand and a truck in the other. Wouldn't change a single thing about him.
 I stare at my kids and think, how did I get so lucky to have two healthy children that I prayed so hard for? I live a life I dreamed about living and have the most wonderful husband a girl could dream of having. I am beyond grateful that God blessed me with this life and I pray that I am doing him proud each day. I started reading 5 Love Languages for your Children and I am loving it so far. It's really helped me connect with my kids more. They are going both going through difficulty stages right now and I felt like I was a loss on how I  was able to help them more. It's also been really great to see what their love language are! I also picked up the 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love that Last, so babe you are next! LOL I love being able to grow your relationship even stronger and keep your marriage fun and most of all loving. We are coming up on our 7 year wedding anniversary and I have to say it's been a pretty amazing 7 years. :) Once I'm done reading the book, I'll let you ladies now how it is. So far I highly recommend it! It goes from toddlers through teenage years.
Ladies I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for following me along this journey. This has been one of my biggest dreams to create my blog and be able to connect with other women/Moms. I know it's only been a couple of months since I started but I just want you to know that I appreciate all the support and love thus far! I'm excited to see what 2017 has in store for me! Hope you and your family have a beautiful Christmas and safe and happy New Year! 

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