Friday, February 24, 2017

Super Bowl Trip // Recap

Hey Babes!  

Heads up..... major pic OVERLOAD on this post!! I got a ton of questions on how we scored this trip, so I'll be answering those questions on this post. :) 

First,  this trip was sponsored by Sprint and JBL Audio. My husband works in the retail industry and EARNED this trip. He worked his butt off for months to win this trip and I could be prouder of him! We left Friday morning before Super Bowl Sunday and as soon as we landed in Houston, you could feel the spirit of the Super Bowl in the air. Everyone was pumped up for the game and so welcoming! The entire Houston Airpot staff was SO nice and helpful we couldn't believe it, I mean who is ever nice and helpful at the airport these days?! HA! The airport was bananas!! Police everywhere, k-9's doing their thing (which was adorable to watch and made me miss my Champ so much) and the drivers waiting for the big wigs from all the media outlets. It's truly amazing how much goes into the Super Bowl and the led up to the game. 

Once we checked into our hotel, we headed downstairs to check in with our JBL Audio group that we would be hanging out with for the entire trip. I have to say, JBL Audio has the NICEST people working for them. We were given our goodie bags and our schedule for the trip. My husband won this trip last year as well and our goodie bags were about the same as the year before. The clear bag is for Super Bowl Sunday, because you have to have a clear bag to get into stadium. The football is to bring to all the events we would be attending because they had NFL payers and NFL alumni for us to meet and have them sign our football. The jacket, headphones, and gift card are extra goodies. That jacket is seriously the best and it's super soft! 
Ladies, I didn't really get good snaps of my outfits during the trip. Mainly because the lighting in the hotel room was awful and when we got downstairs to start our days my husband was not going to snap pics for me LOL which I don't blame him because he had handful corporate heads always around us. So I apologize for the lack of outfit snaps! HAHA 

The first night we had a Chalk Talk with Dan Patrick. He had three guests on his panel. First was one of the four guys who create the NFL Schedule, which I thought was pretty darn cool! He explained how secretive it is and who takes part in it. The second guy, was an Executive from the Miami Dolphins and the third guest was recently retired NFL play Steve Smith Senior. He was really nice and funny!!  

I met Dan Patrick last year and Howie Long, they are super nice!! My husband listens to Dan Patrick all the time and we were listening to him on the radio on the way to the airport and then meeting him that night was surreal!!
 After our Chalk Talk Dinner, it was off to see Burno Mars at club Nomadic!
 It was FREEZING that night and I'm so happy it was nice a cozy inside!
If you get the chance to go see Burno Mars in concert, GO!! He is incredible and puts on a memorable show. The best part of the evening was sneaking into VIP ;)

Room Service has to be one of my favorite parts about traveling. We diffidently took advantage of the VIP section the night before, so we were a little slow going the next morning. My poor husband had a mandatory breakfast meeting the following morning so I ordered room service and stayed in bed...someone's got to act like we are on vacation! 
Saturday morning was our free day. We were able to go over and check out the NFL Experience area and it was really fun. I think my favorite part was the outside portion of the event. I didn't snap any pictures inside because it was INSANELY crowded and we only stayed in there for a few because of the crowds. It was really cool tho, lots of stuff for the guys to do but the lines were SO LONG!! 
We are a Dallas Cowboys family and we stayed in like for 20-30 minutes to take this photo! HAHA The only lines for the helmets were Cowboys and Patriots. :) 
Later that night we had our JBL 70th Anniversary Party to attend at Las Velas. I have to say this venue was the most romantic location I have ever seen!!!
Such beautiful little details. 
Inside the venue was as equally stunning!! It almost made you feel like you were in another country. We had cocktails for the first hour and then we went and grabbed our dinner. Outside, they had a cigar rolling station, where you could pick out a cigar to take home or enjoy on the courtyard. We decided to enjoy ours outside because how could you not?! It was so beautiful outside and the company was amazing! Now I'm not going to name off who was all there because for one I don't remember all these NFL guys names. So, just go show your boyfriend or husband this photo and ask them! HAHA
We brought our footballs to have the NFL Alumni sign them. There were a good handful of these guys and my husband had me stay in line to get all their signatures! I'm like, babe I don't know who they are and you should work for these darn signatures. HAHA! The lighting in the venue was on point as you can tell. ;)
The surprise performance was by GRACE! She is only 19 years old and has the most incredible voice!!! If you follow me on SnapChat, then you saw some of her songs. Her current hit is "You Don't Own Me ft. G-Eazy" I have her album on repeat right now. Go check her out!
This trip really couldn't have come at a more prefect time because our 7th Wedding Anniversary was on this amazing day/night. The prefect venue to have a great night with my amazing loving Husband!
The next morning was GAME DAY!!!! 
But first BRUNCH!.....The NFL Alumni Tailgate Brunch that is! 
That was the hotel the Patriots were staying at. The hotel was surrounded by Police and it was just a block away from where we were having brunch.
The morning Chalk Talk was pretty fun to listen too and also hear all these guys discuss what could happen durning the game. I think my favorite part was meeting Riverboat Dan...The head coach of the Panthers ! He was soooooo nice!!! The restaurant put on a beautiful and tasty breakfast for everyone. We had red velvet waffles and endless mimosas along with some other tasty things!
On our way to the Super Bowl, our charter bus had a police escort and to the game. Those two white buses are the Atlanta Falcons heading tot he game! It was so cool to see the Police officers clear the entire freeway for these guys.
On our way into the stadium!! The Houston Stadium was so nice and I loved how there were so many bathrooms HAHA! Zero lines for us ladies!
Our seats were pretty amazing this year and I loved how it was a dome stadium. 
Lady Gaga killed the halftime show and I loved every second of it!! 
My FAVORITE part of the game! The moment the winning team wins!!! Queue the massive confetti cannons!
Cheers to an AMAZING and memorable weekend!!!! 
Now that I am a dog Mom HAHA I saw so many working dogs at the airport and Super Bowl. Made me miss my little Champers.  
Heading home to see our babies!! We were both so exhausted from all the fun over the long weekend, we had our favorite shows going during the ride home LOL This is major relationship goals! Love this guy with all I have. <3 <3

Thanks for checking out my post ladies. I know it was a long one and I'm sorry it wasn't up sooner. Wishing you a great weekend. We are having so fun in California with my Mom for a couple of days.

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