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My MicroBlading Experience // MaiLash & Brows

Hi Babes!
I was so excited and nervous to get my brows Microbladed but it's something I've been wanting todo every since I heard about. Their is so much unknown information about getting your eye brows Microbladed and my goal is to help clear the air about this procedure! So this post will be a little different. I'm going to keep updating you along the way. Day by Day and week by week! Then I'll do a final post of my before and after! Also a final review of my overall experience with Eyebrow Microblading! I also want to say this entire post is a partnership with MaiLash & Brows . All my opinions are my own and this review is 100% honest. My goal is to help women understand more about what Mircoblading is and what they should expect! Please forgive me on my update photos, selfies are hard to take sometimes! 

To start off, if you haven't heard about Mircoblading. It is a semi-permentant brow tattoo procedure.  Where a trained technician uses a handheld tool instead of a machine to make hair like strokes on your brows to give you a fuller look.  Basically it is life changing! :)

Day Before Appointment Remember to:
  • Keep hydrated by drinking EXTRA water. I normally try to drink my weight in water daily. 
  • Make sure you have the correct oil and bottle water for post brow care.
  • Have pictures of your ideal brow shape to bring to my appointment. I brought 3-4 photos. 
  • Make sure to have re read the before care instructions and post care instructions carefully! You are investing a lot of money and post care is SO important! So take the time to really read everything very carefully so you receive the best results! 
Day of Appointment:

I was so excited to get to my appointment that morning. I had brought my grapeseed oil with me just to double check that it was the right one to be using on my brows for my after care. My technician recommended grapeseed oil or organic coconut oil. I went with grapeseed oil just because I have never used it before and it's very safe for ALL skin types! I also had my brow shape pictures ready!

When going to pick put brow shapes for your appointment, bring more than 3! I say this because your  technician will be measuring your face to get the perfect shape, so a shape you just love may not fully work on your face only because we are all built with our own uniqueness! This happened to me and I'm so happy I had a couple different options to show my technician and she went off of that.

My Shape: 

As you can see, my technician drew a slight boxy shape around my brows. This is her outline to achieve the shape that was best suited for my face.

The picture on the left shows you the boxy outline and the picture on the right shows you after the first round of the Mircoblading processes. My technician did a two step process. First round, she did the core outline of my eye brow shape and the the second round she put more detail in my shape. Keep in mind, your boxy outline WILL NOT be the true shape of your brow!  The actual Mircoblading took about an hour and half and I did have numbing cream on but by the second portion, it was starting to wear off and I could feel more of the procedure. On a scale of 1 to 10, I would say the pain was about a 4. It was more of an uncomfortable feeling. 

Day 1 after appointment Microblading: 

After my Mircoblading appointment, my brows felt fine just a little sore from all the work done on them. I did have a little tightness feeling but nothing uncomfortable.

Day 2 and Day 4 Photos post Microblading:

On day 2, my brows were a little light feeling still but again nothing uncomfortable. Day 4 feeling great! On the evening of Day 5 my brows starting feeling a little itchy. It's so important NOT to touch them AT ALL unless you are cleaning them.

Day 5 Post Mircoblading: 

Since my appointment, I have been following my technicians after care instructions 100%. Today I applied a little make up to my face for the first time because I had something to attend, other than that I would have not applied make up. I made sure to keep make up away from my brows.

I also have been very careful when showering. NO hot showers, which is very hard for me! I love my hot showers :) When washing my face I avoid my brows because you will clean them as instructed by aftercare instructions. Also your skin around your brows is still very sensitive. Make sure not to put your face directly into the shower head.

Day 6 Post Mircoblading:

Very little itchiness and no flakes yet. I have seen a major difference in the color as well. It has diffidently darkened since my appointment. Thankful that my technician went light on the color! With your day to day activities, your brows will be getting exposure to the sun and the pigment will darken naturally. So remember DON'T BE the color that you want for your end result at your appointment or you will have VERY dark brows. Microblading it s a process, so have some patiences because it will be worth it in the end!

One Week Post Microblading: 

Hi dolls! It's been 8 days now to be totally exact! I am noticing some lost of pigmentation now on both of my brows. Mainly on the top of my arch. Very little itching and no flaking! Not sure how many times I'll say this but, I'm really sorry about the photo quality with my photos. I'm trying my best to get the right lighting and angles for you. I did order a beauty light! So hoping that works better with my up and coming posts. 

Day 10 Post Mircoblading: 

Hi girls!! Ok we are almost to the two week mark and now I am starting to see loss of pigmentation. Don't be alarmed this is totally normal! I have been missing my mid day oil application only because I'm traveling this past week and don't have it on me during the day. Not sure if that would help in this situation or not. I have to say I am looking forward to my touch up appointment tho! :)

Day 12 Post Microblading:

Hi dolls and happy Friday! From my last update to now, which was two days ago. I can see that I lost a lot more pigmentation on the end of my brows. No itching or flaking at this point. I think my body was nice to me and didn't produce any flakes! I am traveling home tomorrow and I will get my next post up as soon as I can! 

Two Weeks Post Mircoblading:

I am starting to see more flakes now, totally jinks myself! ;) I started developing them the night this was taken. They are starting to itch a little more now too and it's so hard not to touch them but I just lightly dap them with my grapeseed oil using a cotton pad and it does the trick! 

Two Weeks and Two Days Post Mircoblading

This week my skin is really starting to heal and get rid of the dead skin. Lots of flakes and scabs starting to come off as well. I have been putting my grapeseed oil on when my brows start to get itchy and it really helps! I can't wait till this phase is over so I can see what my brows are going to really look like! I'm so happy I did Mircoblading for myself. I know it's a process and it truly takes time to achieve the final look, but I really feel it's worth it! 

I had a few of you girls message with questions about Microblading and told me you are going to do it now because my post! I can't tell you how much that means to me and I'm so exited to see your results and follow on your heeling process as well! 

18 Post Mircoblading

My brows are starting to look more natural looking now. The flakes are still hanging around but are decreasing by the day. I guilty of touching one or two flakes because it was literally falling off and it make my skin so itchy! SO DON'T TOUCH THEM AT ALL!! I use my cotton pads with oil and that really helps. 

20 Days Post Microblading 

I can't tell you how happy I am to finally get a picture that truly shows how much my brows are taking shape!! I am losing that firm brow look and obtaining a more natural look. Remember Mircoblading is not going to give you that solid perfectly shaped brow, that's all make up! Mircoblading gives you an enhanced natural brow shape. I am so EXCITED to go in for my second appointment for a touch up, which is three and half weeks away. Now you don't have to go to your second appointment if you don't want your brows to last for a few years. This is semi-permeant procedure. ;) I want my brows to last longer and not fade away for a few years, so I'm schedule my second appointment. 

Three Weeks and One Day Post Mircoblading

Hi Ladies! My brows are really shaping up now and the scabs are going away and no more flaking. Whoop Whoop! I feel like my brows are looking much more natural now and they feel great! I have to say that I was missing one major step during my daily cleaning  process. I wasn't rinsing the diluted mixture of baby shampoo and water  off my brows with just water. I for some reason, kept in my head that I could not rinse them with water but that's not true. After a certain point you can! So that's probably why I had so much scabbing. 

I am beyond excited for my touch appointment and love hearing from you ladies about my post updates. It really makes all the difference with all of this. 

One Month Post Microblading:

I cannot believe it has been one month since my appointment and I so excited that my follow up appointment is around the corner! I am no longer having an flake issues or scabs. Everything looks very natural and feels great!

My follow up appointment is going to entail some additional services that not all places do because it is an additional service! I cannot wait to share the results with you. My appointment is a few weeks anyway. :)

5 Weeks Post Mircoblading

I feel like this past month just flew by!! My brows are now have a major natural look going on now. I can tell that the color is fading a bit but that's why you go in for your touch up appointment! I'm SO EXCITED for that appointment because she is going to go to do more detail work on my brows. As far as itching and flaking....that's no more at this point. Everything feels healed up and feels amazing. I can't tell you how happy I am with this entire process. Sao happy I did this for myself because it has truly made a difference in my life. 

I will have just one more update for this installment post. Once I have my touch up appointment done, I will create a second post. 

6 Weeks Post Microblading: 

Well ladies we have reached the end of this post and I have to say, that I couldn't be happier with my results! I love how natural they look and the fact that I literally don't have to worry about doing my brows in the morning. 

I go in for my touch up appointment tomorrow and in that appointment she will be doing different techniques to create a fuller look and I cannot wait to see my results from that!! 

I get asked if this was worth the money and worth the time in taking care of them. The answers are YES YES YES! I highly recommend this to anyone that is having difficulty with their brows. My Mom is actually going to get it done now! I have a few of you ladies message me and told me that you are going to go get yours done now.  I cannot tell you how excited and happy that makes me feel ladies.

Look at that before and after! So amazing and it's going to get better with my touch up appointment tomorrow!

Thank you again for everyone who read my installments on this post and I will be doing another post for you ladies with my touch up appointment. If you have any more questions about Mircoblading please comment below or contact me through Instagram. :) 


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