Friday, June 23, 2017

My Microblading Experience Round 2: Touch Up & Shading

Hi Dolls!

Here we are go again with another installment post! First off, I need to thank Mai Lea from MaiLash & Brows for being so sweet and helpful throughout this entire process. She is a master at her talent and I cannot thank her enough for working with me and giving me the brows I have always wanted! 

Going into my touch up appointment, I had to do the before care steps as I did the first time around. (You technique will give you all that info) I had some photos to show of what I wanted my brows to look like, because we were doing shading to make them look fuller. The Microblading was done first and then the shading. So if you are not sure about doing the shading at your touch up appointment, that's ok! It's a two step process. :) I will show you the difference on this post ;) 

Just like the first appointment, we worked with the desired shape outline. Once that was complete, she applied the numbing cream and then we waited about 20 minutes for it to set in. Now, your skin has entered the healing stage from the first appointment and it's going to be more sensitive the second time around. You have a small window to get in for your touch up because your skins healing cycle. 

The brow on the left side (picture of above) has just completed the first round of microblading. The picture on the right side, is showing you one brow with the numbing gel back on because we are getting ready for the shading! The brow she is working on is finishing off the second round of microblading.

Picture below shows you the difference between staying with the two rounds of microblading and adding shading. Notice how fuller the brow with shading looks! So obsessed haha

Look at those results ladies! I am so happy with my touch up appointment!!

Post Touch Up Appointment Check In's

Ok ladies, just like the last microblading post, I will be doing my weekly check in's with you and of course sharing photos of my brows.

Two Days Post Touch Up

This time around my brows were more sensitive after the appointment and more red on the outer-shape. They were tight feeling for the first two days and now they feel great but have a tiny tightness feeling still. I do still have some redness around the outers shape of my brows.

 Also, SO HAPPY I invested in my beauty ring light to use for my touch up photos.

Remember that the few days or week, your brows are going to be really dark. Remember this is a process and it takes time to achieve that final look!

Four Days Post Touch Up

We are entering the semi itchy phase of the healing process. Also I have developed two tiny areas that seem to be infected and I'm not sure how his happened. You can see the red spots on the left side of the photo. The spots are a little tender and I'm going to make sure to keep the area really clean and extra moisturized. I am honestly not sure how this happened because I haven't touched them and have been careful about how I sleep at night. So I will keep you ladies updated. 

I am seeing scabs develop as well and some tiny flakes. I am excited to get this phase over, which will be in a couple of days. 

Six Days Post Touch Up

I have entered the not so pretty stage of the healing process....the scabbing/flake stage! My brows are really itching right now and I think it's because of the shading. I didn't have this much itching the last round. Those two tiny spots on my one brow, seem to be healing up now and I'm SO thankful for that! 

On one side of my brow, it's more pointed than the other and it really bugs me but I can go back in for a quick fix which is great! Everything else is going well so far and these next couple weeks can't come soon enough. I'm so excited to see my final results of this entire process! 

8 Days Post Touch Up

Oh ladies, the scabbing and flakes are in FULL effect this time around. Thankfully it seems to be moving right along now and I am always so amazed about much your brows change day by day during this process. This is the not so pretty stage but that's what hats are for! ;) The itching is slowly down now as well, thank goodness. 

11 Days Post Touch Up:

The flake stage is going strong and so was the itchy feeling. Thankfully this stage doesn't last to long. Once you clean your brows, the flakes go away. You don't have to walk around like this all day. All the scabs have fallen off by this point as well. 

17 Days Post Touch Up:

 Not as many flakes going on right now. The darkness did go down but over the next two weeks it will start to darken up again as you skin is going through it's grow cycle. No itching going on. Again just some minor flakes once in awhile, noting like last week. Two more weeks and it will be all done.  I cannot believe how much your brows change by doing the shading. I'm so happy I did it. One brow is pointer than the other and once I'm all healed. I will see if I want my brow girl to help fix that small spot. I could just add make up to it but it does bug me sometimes. I'm just OCD about things haha. Also I cannot wait to add brow make up to my brows once I'm all healed and also work out! 

I could work out but you just have to be very careful about sweat going onto your brows and also your can open up your pores during a high intensity workout, which makes your lose pigmentation. So what is two more weeks without doing those workouts?! 

4 Week Post Touch Up: Final Result 

I have to say this second time around went by so fast. My brows healed up so nicely and look beautiful. One brow is more pointed than the other but my girl said that is an easy fix. I cannot believe how much my brows have transformed over these past two months and I'm so thankful for MaiLash and Brows for transforming my brows into what I have always wanted. 

If you ladies have been thinking of getting your brows done, I highly recommend making an appointment to see if it's right for you. If you ever have questions, please comment on the post and I'll be happy to help you the best I can. 


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