Monday, June 19, 2017

Summer Fun with Itzy Ritz

Hi Dolls,

Summer is here and that means us Mamas are putting in that extra work to keep our littles entertained! It can get expensive to keep these kiddos busy and I wanted to share how I'm keeping my kids busy this Summer without breaking the bank!

When Itzy Ritzy contacted me about these snack bags, I was over the moon excited!! My kids are snacking machines!!! My bag is full of snacks when we leave the house and I love having these reusable and washable little bags. I have one large one and one small size one for each of the kids. Our current favorite snacks fit in them and that makes this Mama oh so happy! They love the fun prints on them too and the price point too! 

I have use them for other items as well. My son liked to put his hot wheels and legos in them when we went to dinner. My daughter put in her favorite pretend make up and little figures to play with when lunch with friends.

( My tee and my son's hat )

This Summer my kids are at a really fun age and I am loving it! I'm going to break down what we have been doing and what we have on out Summer Activities list.

  •  First off, head to Pinterest and create a Summer Activities board. I have a couple kids boards created, so make sure to check them out. As I'm sure you already know, Pinterest is overloaded with Summer fun. Tho, it can get overwhelming, so I like to try and stick to a theme...printing, building, outside activities, etc. My kids and I have picked our top 5 things we want to try out from Pinterest. 
  • Google your local library and check out their events page. Every library has a Summer reading program and this is good for all ages. Even if your kids are 1-2 years old, getting on the floor and reading to them or doing picture books is so good for them. Some libraries have some really great events going on for kids. Our local library is having a lego building day and a read to a service dog day! 
  • Google your local parks/splash pads. Arizona is such a hot state, so thankfully they offer some free splash pads for the kids to cool off at. We love to pack up our bags with toys and snacks when we plan our park days. Bring a large blanket and enjoy lunch outside. 
  • Check out your cities recreation website. They can offer free events for you and your kids!
  • Home Depot offers FREE work shops for kids and adults!
  • Summer Movies! Most movie theaters offer a Summer Movie package at a very discounted rate. 
  • Vacation Bible School. These fun camps can either be free or very cost effective. 
  • Check out your local tourist website page! Be a tourist in your town. They will have the best info on what's happening in your town. 

I hope you enjoyed today's post and got some inspiration for your Summer fun! What are some of your favorite things to do this Summer? Thank you to Itzy Ritzy for sending my kids and I these amazing on the go bags for all our Summer fun. Make sure you guys go and check them out!

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