Friday, June 16, 2017

Sunny Days with my girl

Hi Loves!

Is it me or did this weekend COMPLETELY fly?! I'm so happy Summer is here and not having to be on a schedule. On the other hand, I'm like I NEED my schedule back! The kids are at stage where they need to be doing activities all day and ready to take on the day the moment they wake up, which is a 6am! So this Mama REALLY needs to step her game up this Summer and get my Summer schedule together for us. I'm working on a fun Summer Activities post for you babes, so PLEASE stay tuned for that!

Ok lets jump into today's post with my little sweet girl who LOVES her accessories. Not exactly sure where she got that from?! hehe

I have to say, I wasn't going to be complete as a Mom without having a little girl. This girl is everything I prayed to God for. She is strong, independent, fearless, loving, patent, and kind!!! I learn so much from her everyday. I am completely soaking up our days together because she will be in Kindergarten before I know it.

I'm pretty darn lucky to have a forever best friend. We love to get a Starbucks and walk around our favorite stores talking about clothes. She is a TRUE girly girl, so much that when she was a baby she would cry when we had to go outside so her older brother could get some play time in the back yard! She is better now because her brother is bringing out some tomboy in her but that girly girl comes back to take over when she has had a enough. HA!

As Mom's we have a strong obligation to make sure our daughters know that their voice is valued and heard. To know that they don't need a man to make them happy or for them to value their worth!! I know my daughter will do big things in her life and that she will not have the doubt that she isn't good enough, like I did growing up and still do at times. I don't have  good relationship with my Dad and it really has effected me my entire life.

I'm so grateful that God brought my Husband into my life. He is an amazing Father and Husband to us. With Fathers Day around the corner, it makes me squeeze that man even tighter! I cannot tell you ladies how much my heart hurts with joy, looking at my daughter and my Husband together. Knowing that she will never ever be effected like I was growing up. She is strong already because he treats her life a Father should!

I didn't mean to get so deep on this post, but I felt like I had to share that part of my life because I've been struggling with a lot lately and I'm trying to work my way out of it. It's really hard opening your heart up to strangers and letting people see your sadness. Thank you ladies for always uplifting me when we chat on Instagram. Your friendships mean a lot to me!

I snagged this dress from Target a little bit ago and a handful of you ladies scooped it up already! I had it linked on a couple of my Instagram posts. ;) It does run big and I'm wearing small here. I believe it is meant to be oversized. 

Thank you so much stopping by today babes! Love you ladies to death!!

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