Sunday, July 9, 2017

Nordstrom Sale: What do you want to see and ways to shop!

Hi Dolls!

We are DAYS away from the BIG Nordstrom sale and I'm working away to prep for it.  I want to hear from you on what you would like to see from me. I want to make sure to deliver content that you are interested in seeing because after all, I love being able to post items that you enjoy seeing. If you could take two seconds to answer my poll I greatly appreciate it!

The Nordstrom sale starts this Thursday July 13th for Nordstrom card holds and then opens up to the public July 21st! This is the biggest sale of the year for Nordstrom and is the BEST time to stock up on Fall gear or even Spring/Summer gear for the following year. In some parts of the country you don't get all four seasons so you can really take advantage of this sale. I know I do living in Arizona.

Nordstorm will have restocks through out the sale but keep in mind, items sell out VERY fast. So if you are in love with an item, ORDER IT! If it's in your budget of course. :)



How will you be shopping? 

Have you downloaded the LIKE TO KNOW IT APP? It's a FREE app that you can use to get ALL the shop links that I post! It's fast and easy to use. So when I tell you in a post, that I linked certain items, all you have to do it LIKE that photo Instagram and then head to the app and it's there! So easy right?! 

If you are not wanting to download this app. NO WORRIES!! I will links available in my Linktree in my Instagram's bio! 

I will also be adding a little widget to the side of my blog as well. I will keep updating that with sale items for you ladies.

If you shop a different way than the ways I just list, PLEASE let me know because I would love to hear from you. I want to make my site shop friendly for you ladies. 

For Shopping Reference 

First and for most I am a Mom. So anything I link will be something I would wear daily or be able to get use out of being around my kiddos all day. I am also a Mom with some curves....hello stress eating HA! So I feel like I stand out differently than most bloggers because almost all of them are not curvy like me.

I am 5'7 and 140ish pounds. I do have a booty, a long torso and also small chested. I hope this helps reference wise when you come shop along with me during the sale. 

Instagram Posts

I am going to be updating you along the way when item are selling out quickly. That's my job! I have two areas of my website dedicated to the sale as well. I will have a side bar and also added Nordstrom to my sale drop down tab! I am wanting to put together groups of items under a certain price point as well because, well who doesn't want to save more to get more?! 

I am so excited to go into my first Nordstrom Anniversary sale with you ladies! With the crazy changes Instagram is doing now, you can always turn on the notifications to my page so you won't miss a post. I have been doing that to my friends accounts because of the way Instagram is working now. It's so frustrating! 

Thanks for all the support ladies and I can't wait to see what all Nordstrom has in store for us as well!

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