Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Taco Tuesday Recipe // Healthy, Quick, and Easy

Hi Loves,

I am big fan of Taco Tuesday, I mean who isn't?! These days I am trying to make Taco Tuesday as healthy as I can because I am really trying to drop a few pounds. I am sharing this yummy dish that my Husband I really love to have. It's so easy, quick, and inexpensive to make up too!

Also please excuse the iPhone photos and the fact that I am not a Food Photographer...HA!

I can never get tired of sautéed veggies. They literally go with just about any dish and they are an easy and yummy way to achieve your veggie intake! 

Just wash, thinly slice up, and cook in some olive oil in a pan on medium heat. I like to add fresh black pepper over it as well. I never add salt. I also always add onions whenever I sauté peppers, I feel like they taste even better when you do. 

 I picked up all of my ingredients from Walmart. You can get these taco bowl shells in a 4 pack and they are the prefect size to keep your portions under control. 

I always keep this pre-seasoned taco meat in my fridge. My son LOVES tacos and it's so nice just to throw it in the pan and cook it up in a few minutes when you need a quick dinner. My daughter is not a fan of taco meat, so I will make her a cheese quesadilla when we have tacos. 

I topped it off my salad with some hot sauce and avocado slices. I wish had some fresh salsa on hand because that would have been the cherry on top for this salad. 

 I hope you ladies enjoyed this healthy, easy, and quick Taco Tuesday Recipe. What are some of your favorite weekly go to meals for your family?

 Taco Salad Ingredients:
  • One pound of ground turkey or ground beef ( I personally use Jenno Lean Ground Turkey) 
  •  The package of taco bow shells 
  •  Shredded lettuce 
  • Medium Size Red(1), Yellow(1), Orange(1), Onion(1). You could even use a green pepper as well 
  •   Shredded sharp cheddar cheese. I always use the Fat Free packet 
  •  Black Beans ( I always buy low sodium or no salt added) 1 can 
  •  1 small avocado 
  •  Hot Sauce (optional)
  •  Fresh Cracked Pepper (add to taste) 

This post was not sponsored by any. Just sharing a yummy meal my family and I like to enjoy. :) 

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Wedding Guest Dress // What I Wore

Happy Saturday Dolls!

Today my Husband and I are headed to his best friends wedding and I am wearing this gorgeous little floral number to it! Can you believe that this dress is only $45?! I cannot wait to wear it with a jean jacket this Fall for a casual feel. I am on the hunt for a belt to pair with this dress as well! 

I am in love with the gorgeous floral print on this dress as well. It's a cream color dress, so I'm in the safe zone of not wearing white to the wedding. ;) 

I kept the accessories simple because I wanted to let the floral print have a moment. I am a big nude girl when it comes to shoes and bags. I just can't help it, they just go with everything. 

For sizing reference I am wearing a small in the dress. Thank you for stopping by today ladies and I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

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Thursday, August 24, 2017

Maxi Skirt Lovin

Hi Dolls,

I have to say that this look is one of my favorite looks I have posted in a while. Their is nothing more fun than a great skirt that has the prefect twirl! I paired this skirt with a one piece swim suit....yes a swimsuit! This little number can be pulled off as a great bodysuit. I love the ruffle detail on it. 

I know I posted this look a few times on my Instagram, but I just couldn't help it! I am in love with this skirt and the way it flows.  On a post recently , I paired this swimsuit some destroyed denim.

One more day until the weekend babes! We are headed out to Cali this weekend and I cannot wait. I miss living there so much. Hope you have a great weekend!

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Saturday, August 19, 2017

Our Palm Springs Getaway Recap

Welcome to another Ashley Travels blog post! My last travel post was when my Husband and I went to the Super Bowl in Houston, TX. Just a heads up that I didn't go into this trip with intentions to create a blog post for you ladies. I am doing this because I got SO MANY questions from my Insta Stories while we were there. I am sharing the few snaps I did take while I was there.

This was my first time ever visiting Palm Springs and we literally stayed at our hotel the entire time because that's why we went there. I think the next time I go I will venture out more and explore this beautiful place. I cannot say enough great things about the JW Marriott Desert Ridge Hotel. It is one of the most family friendly hotels I have been to in awhile, minus our trip to Disneyland of course. The hotel staff is incredibly helpful and friendly. From the moment we stepped out of our car to the time they helped me load my car to leave, I was beyond impressed.

 The lobby was under remodel when we were there so it wasn't anything to snap a picture of. Ha! The inside of the hotel is just beautiful. My son was obsessed with the boats and my daughter was soaked they had a Starbucks inside...I've trained her well. ;) The hotel offers boat rides around the property for free with your hotel stay. We rode them a handful of times and it was so fun! You can take the boats to the different restaurants they have on the grounds as well. They also have flamingos in front of the hotel when you drive up!

One of the restaurants on the grounds was a major hit with the kids because they could feed the fish and ducks right there on the patio while we ate. Which was amazing because my Mom and I could enjoy our cocktails, chips, and guacamole in peace. The sunsets were just incredible from every part of the hotel. 

My kids are FISH whenever there is a pool near by. This pool was just prefect because it was about 2 feet deep for a GOOD part of it. Which is freaken amazing for those kids learning to swim and for the parents so we can literally relax and enjoy our cocktails! Also you can bring your own blow up toys. I wished I would have gotten this memo before we came because it would have been a lot nicer for my kids. The poolside service was just awesome and the food was so delicious. We literally stayed at the pool the entire day and it was just fabulous. They play family friendly music as well, which was just the cherry on top of our pool day. 

There are three pools on the grounds and also an 18+ up pool where you can rent a cabana. They have so much seating around the pool areas as well. So nice because you don't feel like you are on top of each other. Plus tons of shade for yourself and the kiddos. 

You don't have a successful getaway without a little room service, am I right?! We celebrated my son's very belated birthday with some goodies. Of course he took two bites and was done. HA! So us girls happily finished off his cake for him. Waking up to this view and enjoying coffee on the patio was so refreshing. My Husband always gives me crap about living in the hotel ropes on our trips. Clearly he didn't get the memo about that's what girls do on getaways! It's apart of the experience.

If you are planning a Palm Springs get away, I highly recommend checking this hotel out. I cannot wait to get back there and relax with my family again. My Husband is itching to play the course when he goes and so is my son. HEHE I just love that my son is into golfing at such a young age, it's so cute! My daughter and I want to hit the spa next time for some mani/pedis. Also they have a shopping area in the hotel as well. We didn't get to that part because we were to busy taking boat rides, feeding the ducks, and soaking up the sun.

I hope you ladies enjoyed our little Palm Springs recap. I have another trip coming up in October and I will be doing a full recap on that as well for you ladies. I am so excited to visit Florida because I've never been!

Monday, August 14, 2017

Everyday Swimwear // Check In

Hi Dolls! 

I know it's been a minute since I have put up a blog post. I needed to take a little break from my blog to get home life back in order and also refocus myself about where I want my blog to go. I feel like I have grown so much since I started my blog (almost a year ago).  Blogging is so much more than it looks. It is time away from your littles/spouse and house duties. Plus, it's a non paying job (at least it isn't for this blogger right now) HA! I am doing this blog out of pre passion and love of sharing how I like to style clothing and help others get some inspiration from my post.

I pray that my blog continues on for years to come and I get to connect with more women who love fashion as much as I do. When you guys write me on Instagram, it really makes my day. I love hearing how you love certain items or share your own personal tips with me. It's such a fun community!

Now that my littles have grown up a little more, I'll have some more free time that I can dedicate to my blog. I couldn't keep this blog going without the support of my Husband, family, and friends...truly. I wanted to stop a handful of times now but they keep pushing me forward. I seriously don't know what I would do without them. My photographer has turned into one of my dearest friends and I'm so grateful for her friendship! 

I want to thank you ladies again for supporting my blog, liking, and commenting on my photos. With Instagram CONSTANTLY changing how my photos get seen, it gets extremely frustrating to say the least! We work so hard on our content and we almost feel punished for posting. Social media is a major thing to tackle when you are a blogger. So when you guys take those few seconds to like and comment, please know that it is VERY much appreciated! 

Ok now onto today's post.......

Ok so clearly you must know by now how much I just love this swimsuit! It comes in two colors and fits like a glove. Currently it's low inventory but don't worry, I linked some other GREAT bodysuits so you can achieve this look. Target really put out some amazing products this Sumer don't you think?! I am all for functional pieces that you can easily style to fit your activities. This suite is the prefect swim suit to take on a vacation because you can just throw on some bottoms and head to lunch without feeling like you need to cover up. The back doesn't dip to low either which is so nice! 

I styled this with my favorite pair of jeans that I have owned for 4 years now. I also paired it with a maxi skirt that I will be posting soon. Fashion is so fun to play around with and don't be afraid to try new things.

Thanks for stopping for today's post. I'll link the outfit details below for you!

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