Friday, September 29, 2017

Designer Dupe bag for Fall // Sweater and jeans for Fall

Hi Loves!

Welcome to my new blog design!!! Don't you just love it!?! I am so excited to finally share it with all of you and to talk more about why I decided to change the title of my blog. I will have a more detailed post about why I switched over to this title and what I have learned this past year from blogging. I really wanted to have that post ready to go for you today but I just didn't feel like it was fully ready yet. I have a lot of things to explain and share with you. So bare with me, I should have that up in a few days. 

Today I am partnering up with Shein to bring you a designer dupe for Fall. This little cross body bag is the prefect bag for Fall! It looks exactly like this GUCCI bag but for WAY less! 

Shein Crossbody purse for Fall
Shein cross body bag for Fall. Burnt orange v neck sweater for Fall

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Stripes for Fall

Hi Dolls!

It's no surprise that I am pretty much obsessed with stripes. This long sleeve number is the prefect top to add to your collection for Fall. I snagged it from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and it JUST went on MAJOR sale (under $15!),  so the timing for this post couldn't be more prefect! You will just love wearing this for Fall! 

bp nordstrom long shelve stripped shirt Fall Inspiration outfit
Ankle Skinny Jeans 7 FOR ALL MANKIND Fall Inspiration outfit

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Oversized for Fall

Hi Loves,

Hooray we have finally reached Fall! Let the madness of PSL, Football, Pumpkin candles, and scarfs begin! We are slowly getting out of the 100's here in Arizona and I may or may not be sweating to death some days because I want to enjoy my new Fall goodies I have been collecting.

navy blue oversized sweater
blue oversized sweater for Fall

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Q/A: About my most recent hairstyle

Hi Loves!

I am SO excited to finally share this post with you ladies. Before I get into today's post, I need to say a BIG thank you to my hairstylist/friend Emily at Habit Salon for giving me this gorgeous cut and color. I have been going to Emily for almost a year now. I  give her a hard time about going from dark to blonde and then back to dark! hehe I will link all her contact info at the end of this post.

Starting off the post from a few months back. It will be a time line like format.

(Few Months back)
When I first cut half my length off:

 As most of you know by now I recently cut pretty much half my length off and I promised myself that I would never do that again.....oops! Once we moved to Arizona, I ALWAYS had my darn hair up in a bun and I was just over it. My head was always hurting and I was starting to lose hair along my hair line in the front. So I thought it was time for a fun change and also time to figure out a way to help grow my hair back out in those troubled areas.

My first color appointment from going from REALLY dark: Also she shortened my hair a little more.

We had major Jenna Dewan Tatum inspo going on for this cut! 
My most recent appointment.

The morning of my appointment, I had washed my hair a few times with Unite Clarifying Shampoo. I like to do this about a week or two before my color appointments because my hair is really stubborn when I want to go lighter. I paired the Unite Moisturizing Conditioner  with it as well. I completely spaced and forgot to use it the week prior for this appointment, so that's why I washed my hair a few times that morning. Then I did a REALLY quick blow dry so you ladies could an idea of what my color looked like going into my no judging haha //Little disclaimer.....I STINK at blowing drying my hair! Shocker right?! I never have the time to really do it how I want to.

After a few hours in Emily's cozy chair we achieved some gorgeous color!

 Going from DARK to light is A MAJOR process ladies. What I truly love about Emily, is that she is very careful about not completely destroying your hair when you are wanting to go lighter. She is very thoughtful, smart, and realistic about what you will get out of each appointment. I love her honestly and admire all her hard work! I don't know how she does it and I'm so happy we got paired up together when I first walked into that salon.

We have another color appointment next month before I head out of town and I CANNOT WAIT! We will be going lighter and hoping that some blonde color finally pops through! I'm going to grow my length of right now. Ha! I want to go back to the length shown in the first photo on this post. I am really enjoying the length it is now tho! I love how I can flip my hair to the slide for a fun edgy look!

I received SO MANY questions about my color and cut from you ladies and Emily will be answering all those questions below for you.


1. What color/technique did you do to achieve my color? Highlights, hair painting, etc? 
"The color technique I used on your hair a combination of a full head of baby lights (tiny sections doing a super fine weave) and hair painting. Teasing the sections and painting in a "V" in  a foil. "

2. What style is my haircut? How did you cut into my hair?
"Our haircut is a Lob. ( Long Bob) It is slightly shorter in the back and the layering is just near the bottom. I also texturizing it using a combination of texturizing shears, point cutting with my regular shears and slide cutting with my regular shears."

3. What is the best Shampoo/ Conditioner for color treated hair?
"There are many good shampoos and conditioners out there. I would definitely look for ones that are sodium and sulfate free. I love Goodwell, Oribe, Unite, and Iphenom to name a few brands."

4. What are some products to add to your routine to achieve soft, smooth, and shinny curls?
"For products I love a leave-in conditioner/ heat protection spray or cream and an argon oil. You put that in the hair when it is still wet. (Towel dried) After it is dry, you can put a small amount of oil through the ends and a texturizing spray to give the waves some hold, but so it's not so uniform. My favorite is the dry texturizing spray from Oribe."

5. Is it best to use only use one cream and one oil when styling your hair? Can to much of one type of product make your hair fall flat?
"Yes, you can definitely over use product. Always keep the creams and oil away from your scalp. Only use it on the mids and ends. Even then, don't use too much."

6. What is a good product to help tame fly aways? 
"To tame fly aways either put a SMALL amount of an oil in your hands, rub them together and then with open hands, smooth down the fly aways. Or spray hairsprays on your hands, run them together, them smooth down the fly aways. "

7. For long hair, what's the best ways to sleep? Up in a bun, down, loose, any other ways?
"For long hair, I suggest sleeping with it in a high bun or in a braid. Silk pillowcases are the best to sleep on to avoid breakage when you sleep."

To contact Emily for a free consult at Habit Salon you can either TEXT or call Habit Salon directly to set up your appointment!

TEXT: (480) 688-1267 
Habit Salon: (480) 461-9425

Make sure to follow Emily on her Instagram! She always posts her work and shows off some amazing transformations! 

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