Friday, September 29, 2017

Designer Dupe bag for Fall // Sweater and jeans for Fall

Hi Loves!

Welcome to my new blog design!!! Don't you just love it!?! I am so excited to finally share it with all of you and to talk more about why I decided to change the title of my blog. I will have a more detailed post about why I switched over to this title and what I have learned this past year from blogging. I really wanted to have that post ready to go for you today but I just didn't feel like it was fully ready yet. I have a lot of things to explain and share with you. So bare with me, I should have that up in a few days. 

Today I am partnering up with Shein to bring you a designer dupe for Fall. This little cross body bag is the prefect bag for Fall! It looks exactly like this GUCCI bag but for WAY less! 

Shein Crossbody purse for Fall
Shein cross body bag for Fall. Burnt orange v neck sweater for Fall

Shein cross body bag for Fall. Burnt orange v neck sweater for Fall
Shein cross body bag for Fall. Burnt orange v neck sweater for Fall
Shein cross body bag for Fall. Burnt orange v neck sweater for Fall

I love a great statement cross body bag because they do all the work for you! You can keep your outfit simple and clean to let your bag shine. The detail on this bag is so good and the burnt orange color screams Fall! I love how you can wear it on your shoulder or as a cross body. Even tho the bag is compact, it still holds a ton of stuff.

This outfit is what I would wear on a typical Fall day here in Arizona. I snagged this sweater from the Nordstrom Anniversary sale and they didn't restock it but they did add some adorable v neck sweaters in its place! I am loving this one and this one.  I love how they are extremely budget friendly and great for any shape!

I get so many questions about these jeans I am wearing but they don't make them anymore. They are from Rag and Bone and I got them last Summer. I wish I could link them for you but I can't. They have an updated version of them now and they are just as good as these! You can check them out here // I know they are pricy bbuuttt I am a major investor when it comes to jeans! They are something you wear over and over again. If they make you feel like a million bucks, get them! You don't need to go spend hundreds of dollars on them either, that's not what I am saying at all. If your top budget is $40 or $100 for jeans that's fine! All that matters is that those jeans make you feel even more beautiful once you slip them on...or do the crazy skinny jean pants dance when you put them on! HA  HA! You girls feel me?!

Thank you so much for stopping by today ladies. I am so excited to share what I have been working on lately and to get your feedback on it. I just love contacting with all of you on here!


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  1. Love this bag, I prefer a cross body bag too! - You look lovely in these photos. Samantha xx |



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