Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Sweater Vests and OTK boots for Fall + opening up about blogging and what's going on with me

Hi Dolls! 

Man has it been a HHHHOOOTTTTTTT minute since I last put up an outfit post! A ton has happened between now and then and I have to say I am pretty darn grateful for it. I really needed to step back for awhile and see if blogging is something I wanted to keep doing. 

Old Navy Tan Sweater vest with over the knee boots for Fall
Old Navy Tan Sweater vest with over the knee boots for Fall

It really isn't easy as it looks, I know you probably hear that from a ton bloggers, but it's true. Blogging is a major hobby (in my case) that can drain your bank account, take time away from your family, and really screw with your emotions. Social media is a B these days and putting yourself out there daily is hard. It's pretty much like high school AAALLLLLLLLL over again. You have the blonde hair popular girls that always have the best outfits, great bods, and seem to be one step ahead of the game. They have the cutest pictures and make it look effortlessly to keep up a cute Instagram feed. I would be totally lying if these girls on social media didn't make me feel totally insecure somedays. Here I am a Mom of two that is still trying to drop the last of her weight from being pregnant years ago, stomach totally messed up from having kids (proud of those marks tho) and trying to stay afloat mentally/emotionally after being home with two kids for the past 6 years!

Starting my blog I thought, who in the heck is going to read my stuff when their are SO MANY other bloggers out there! I just kept my passion for styling outfits my main focus and thought, heck my Husband is on board with my blog so why not! Then a couple months set in and I got COMPLETELY derailed by social media. I mean consistently on my phone and wondering why no one is liking my stuff or following me?! Very long strong short, I finally had a break through. It's ok if I don't have as many followers has those other girls, or likes, or comments....OR the fact that I don't get paid collaborations like they do. I may not get 1,000's of views on my blog posts but I am here to share my love of styling and other interests. If three people check out my posts, than that's three women I got to reach for a reason.

Old Navy open sweater vest for Fall
Old Navy Sweater is sold out but similar HERE + Bracelet HERE 

Being consistent is not my strong suit for many reasons. Blogging you have to stay up with your scheduling postings and consistently interacting with others to grow your audience. Unfortunately I totally suck at this. In the beginning when I first started out blogging, I was actually pretty good with keeping up with my new posts. Then it just all fell apart. Also, keeping up with clothing to shoot is NO JOKE! Yes we bloggers get sent items to shoot, but ladies paying photographers to shoot your stuff isn't cheap. I am forever grateful for my photographer and my Husband for really helping me in this department, but it is still adds up at times. I do feel pressured to keep buying items to shoot and share to stay relevant with the other bloggers. I am trying now to just shoot what is already in my closet but it's hard at times.

I have been very fortunate to have been able to work with many amazing brands since I have started blogging and to be totally honest. I cannot believe half of these brands wanted to work with a small blogger like me! So even if I never got paid for all that work, I'll take the trade of just being able to partner up with them. Now there are some brands that want you do a ton of work for them and for a small amount of product and if you are a new blogger reading this, take note. It's ok to say no if you don't feel good about it. I've said no to many companies, you need to know your worth ladies! Some of these companies will try and take advantage of you. 

I don't want this post to be a poor me post by any means! I just wanted to come on here and share what I have been struggling these past couple of months. I admire the strength of my follow blogger friends for staying consistent even tho they feel the same way I do. The new year is around the corner and I pray that I am more consistent with not going blogging but other areas of my life. Also, thank you ladies for all you messages on Instagram. Their are a few of you that always respond to me when I reach out and I just adore you so much!! 

I have said this so many times but I truly feel like God keeps pushing me to continue my passion of styling. At times I am like why on earth do I have this feeling inside of me, I feel like I am not bringing much to the fashion world. Whenever I want to walk away (like I did these past couple months), this motivation to get back into the swing of things overpowers me. I have prayed so much for direction over these past couple of months for many areas of my life and God is showing me the way and I am so grateful for that! 

Brown Over The Knee boots for Fall
Old Navy open sweater vest with over the knee boots for Fall
Old Navy open sweater vest with over the knee boots for Fall
Old Navy open sweater vest with over the knee boots for Fall
Sweater Vest Similar HERE || Tank HERE || Jeans HERE & another option HERE  || OTK Similar HERE || 
Tote Similar HERE 

Thank you sweet friends for taking time to read my post today, I know it was a bit long. It's super scary to open up like this because well social media can get nasty but I feel like I owed it to you for being so supportive and kind to me over this year and half. Sending you ladies the biggest virtual hug today!!

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