Thursday, March 8, 2018

First Trimester Recap

Hi Ladies!

I'm not sure how many times I will say this through out my pregnancy, but I still cannot believe I am pregnant. I literally thought baby number 3 would ever happen for me. It just was not in the card for our family and through LOTS of prayer, I was completely content with that. It's truly amazing what prayer can do for you when you are at a very hard crossroads in your life. Since I am starting with a recap of my first trimester, I will share how I found out I was pregnant. 

How I found out:

The week leading up to my missed period, I was feeling a tiny bit nauseous (nothing crazy) and feeling a little tried more than normal. The kicker of it all was that I literally woke up one more and I just felt pregnant!! Something inside of me, told me to switch to decaf and be careful about consuming certain things. It was very odd to say the least but I just HAD to listen to this strong voice inside of me. So I stay on that pregnant mindset for about a week and then my period never came. My body will delay my period by a few day when I get stressed and I just figured that's what was happening. Once I went over the one week mark of my missed period, I just had to take a damn test!! The morning I was going to pick one up at the store, my son had lost his very first tooth that morning! I started crying the moment it came out, that should have been my first clue right?! I was just so overcome with emotion because you think about the day your kid would lose his first tooth and then when it actually happens it's really crazy! Just another awesome milestone you get to experience as a parent. After they lose that first tooth, your kid ages about 10 years! HA!

While I was out grocery shopping, I almost didn't pick up a test because I thought it's just going to be negative. Why spend $$$ on one of these darn things again when it's going to be negative. Then at the last minute I said, "screw it!"and threw it in my cart. After I got home and unloaded my groceries, I wanted to get the test over with it. My Husband was randomly working from home that day and I told him I bought a test and he looked at me like ok here we go again...haha...As I read the results I started shaking! The test turned positive so fast and I thought I wasn't seeing it correctly. When I walked out of the bathroom my husband was in the kitchen and he said, "so did you pass or fail?" I said, " babe it's positive".  I started slowly showing him the test with my hand shaking!!! He of course said, "Shut up! You're lying!"....Nope totally not about this one, I'm not that kind of girl. So once he saw the results he had to go sit down and was in total shock for a good week or so. I don't blame him, it came out of left field. It's funny how women have to adapt so quickly to change and men get a free pass to adjust. We are all so exited as a family now and we told the kids when I was around 14 weeks. My belly was really popping out and my daughter told me that I looked pregnant, so my Husband and I thought it was time to tell them. 

First Trimester:

The first couple of weeks I was crazy nauseous and INSANELY tired. I would literally pass out of the couch at 6:30pm almost every night and this is coming from a girl who can barely nap when she's super sick! It was very hard to eat certain foods during this time as well. Thankfully I never threw up, I think God threw me a bone on that one because I cry whenever I throw up lol. Before I was pregnant I lived off salads. During these weeks, I couldn't even look at it without wanting to just lose it! Sadly I just wanted all the not so great foods and I gained 7 pounds that I shouldn't have during the first trimester because of it. Now I am really trying to watch my weight but oh my goodness it's SO HARD!!! Thankfully I can enjoy veggies now.

I started experiencing low back pain during the first part and still having that discomfort now. One thing that took time for me to let go during these weeks, was to be ok with the house being a complete mess!! I HAVE to rest for awhile during the day or I'm hurting a lot in the evening. So that's very hard for me because I'm that go go go Mom all day long. It's so hard for me to slow down but that ship has sailed and this Mama HAS to take it easy because it is my third and I am considered high risk, which I will get into on a later post. 

Towards the end of the first trimester I had to bust out those darn maternity pants! My belly started popping out I believe around 10 weeks! My uterus tilts forward during my pregnancies and if you have never experienced this than concern yourself lucky! You basically feel more pressure and for me I had to pee more often than normal! After some time it goes back into place but that's why I had to wear my maternity pants a lot sooner. Plus they say after your second pregnancy that your body just knows what todo and you start showing sooner as well. I secretly love maternity pants because they are so much more comfortable, yes the band gets annoying but I'll take that over the button going into your stomach any day.


This pregnancy I am REALLY trying to stay on a workout routine. It is so much harder to stay somewhat on a schedule. I try to walk 3 miles every other day or at the bare minimum twice a week. With the kids in sports and lack of sleep, it's a major struggle. Plus with his nasty flu bug going around, I feel like my kids have been fighting colds for WEEKS! Before I was pregnant I really enjoyed doing a home work out I found from Alexa Jean. She is a big fitness girl on Instagram and her home workouts are super affordable and doable. I was over the moon excited when I saw she had created a pregnancy work out to do at home. So I have been doing that program at home and also doing my walking as well. I like to throw in some weights some days to give myself a challenge. I highly recommend her program to anyone looking to do a home work out that won't break the bank. I am going to create a fitness post in the next month or so for you ladies. Share the workouts and also what I am eating to try and maintain my weight gain during this pregnancy. I am really trying to not go overboard like my last two pregnancies!! I know how hard it is to drop it after and now that I'm in my 30's its EVEN HARDER!! I will be majorly pregnant in the dead of Summer as well (110+ temps). So I am nervous about swelling up more than normal, I know gaining excess weight can make that worse.

Weird Dreams:

The last thing I will share on the first trimester recap is my weird pregnancy dreams! I am not at all a heavy drinker by any means, but lord! I couldn't stop dreaming about drinking beer! I would wake up and think that I actually drank a beer and I would have a mini panic attack then realize it was just a dream. I also had a lot of dreams with water, like large bodies of water. I've been meaning to look up what that means but keep forgetting. My favorite dream by far is the one where I dreamt that I delivered the baby and I saw it was a little boy. The kids were so excited and it was just a crazy realistic dream!!! It was one of those dreams where you wake up feeling so happy for the entire day. I cannot wait to find out what we are having. The kids of course want their own gender. We find out on March 19th and I'm not sure what we will do for the reveal. I originally wanted to do the gender reveal balloon pop for the kids but my Husband really wants to find at the doctors office. One thing my heart is set on is finding out as a family!! That means the world to me, so I am working out a plan this next week for that.

I want to thank all of you that have read this entire post. I know it was a long one! I really hope you enjoyed it and my next recap will include some progressing bump photos for you. I didn't start taking snaps of my belly until 14 weeks. Hope you babes have a wonderful weekend, we have soccer games Saturday and on Sunday I am packing for Spring Break! We are heading to California for the week and Monday cannot come soon enough!

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