Saturday, April 7, 2018

My fitness and meals during pregnancy

Hi ladies!
I am so excited to finally get this post up for you ladies. It's funny how fitness is a never ending topic among women. We are always searching for that secret way to obtain our goals but in all honestly their is no real secret. The only way to obtain your goals with anything is to stay consistent! Which is very hard for me in many areas of my life.

In this post I will be sharing an overview of what I have been doing during the past few weeks and what has been working for me. I am no fitness expert and I am not trying to come across as one either. I am just another pregnant Mom who found something that worked for her and her lifestyle and decided to share it with others. 

Important note
**Always make sure to check with your doctor before trying something new. ALWAYS listen to your body when working out. If something doesn't feel comfortable, then stop doing it!**

Comparing my pregnancies/little background
First off, this pregnancy has been the most active and healthy compared to my other two pregnancies. With my first pregnancy, I did walk and do yoga but it was only a few days a week. My eating was basically whatever I craved and I gained so much weight! With my second pregnancy, I was active because I was chasing a one and a half year old around the entire time. My eating with that pregnancy was a tiny bit better, but that isn't saying much. I still ate a lot of my cravings which was a lot of fast food and frozen yogurt. During my third pregnancy, I started off really rocky with my bad eating habits and I wasn't working out very much. Then right after I started my second trimester I took control of everything and started walking everyday and made smarter decisions when I ate.

I know it's hard to not always give into your cravings when you are pregnant but if you can find a way to find some kind of balance that is always best. I am the WORST when it comes to giving in to their cravings even when I'm not pregnant. So if I can do it ladies, so can you!

My Daily routine: 

  • School drop off
  • walk (3-4 miles)
  • home workout (a few days a week) 
  • drink LOTS of water- I usually drink 120-160oz daily
  • balanced meals 
  • two small snacks
  • try not to have any carbs at dinner....**some nights I have cereal for dinner because I'm just not that hungry**

On the days my kids both of my kids are in school, I will walk my 3-4 miles right after I drop them off. The days were it's just me and Averie, I will set her up in the stroller with her favorite things so I can get  my 3-4 miles in. Some days she asks me to keep walking because she doesn't want to hand over my phone...haha that girl loves her Netflix shows. It's takes me about 45-60 minutes to get my 3-4 miles and some days I will do a home work out when I get back home as well. I love to do lunges and variations of squats. Gotta work those legs and booty!!! I also do arm workouts with 5 pound weights. I do have kettle weights as those!!

My legs are my massive trouble area and I have been trying my hardest to get them somewhat toned up. I really need to drop the fat off of them first but I'm going to have to wait until after baby for that part. In the meantime, I am focusing on trying not to gain much more weight on my legs. Like most women, I have major cellulite on my legs and I just hate it! It's so embarrassing some days but I just to just stay positive and know that I am literally doing everything that I can to improve that problem. My walking has helped bring down the cellulite a little, which is wonderful!

Work outs
I did purchase the Alexa Jeans Fitness program. I basically have all of her home workouts, I really loved doing the non maternity ones. When she came out with the maternity workouts, I was so freaken excited!! I do recommend them to anyone pregnant that is looking for a manageable program to follow. So on the days I don't do her workout program, I will just pull up good ole Pinterest and find some good workouts on there. I did make a Maternity Workout Board if you want to follow me on there. I also have another non maternity workout board on there that is great! Follow me HERE .

I always incorporate some weights into my workouts. I have two 5 pounds hand weight and 10,15,20 kettle bell weights. Weights are a great way to switch up your home workouts when you are getting comfortable. When adding weights into my routine, I will do 10-12 reps x 3. Remember to start with a low weight and then work your way up. It's better to have great form than a higher number of reps!!

Food Prep
I talked about my food prep in my Insta Stories lately and how much it has changed our lives! My Husband started doing this for us about two weeks ago and it truly made all the difference in how I feel everyday. Plus it makes the dreaded dinner hour in our house SO MUCH easier!! I'm so thankful we are trying out different dishes now, so when the baby comes we can just cook the ones we really enjoyed. We keep our dishes really basic and simple because food prep can be really overwhelming.
Here is what I made this week for us to eat. I made two different meals for us to switch up for lunch and dinner. We also like to make up mini bowls if we are not super hungry for lunch or dinner. My Husband actually likes to eat those mini bowls for breakfast, HA!

Meal One:
Baked Pork Chops with large slices of onion
Half a sweet potato
Brown rice

Meal Two:
Baked chicken breast with onions and an orange pepper
Brown rice
*I made the two bowls with this as well*

Breakfast Meals:
Option One:
Two scrambled eggs
small scoop of beans (my husband likes to make them in the crockpot)

Option Two:
vanilla activitia yogurt
berries (I use strawberries and half a banana or black berries and half a banana)
Bear Granola (comes in lots of flavors and has protein!)
Tablespoon or so of Chia Seeds

Option Three: light breakfast on the go
Cliff bar for kids ( my favorite is the Oatmeal Cookie or Almond Butter with Pecans
Vanilla Activitia
Berries or one banana

During the day I like to snack on trial mix (low sodium kinds) with yogurt chips. Apples with peanut butter is my favorite snack ever! If you haven't tried the That's It bars from Target (that's usually were I find them) they are so yummy! I like to have one of those with a granola bar as well. A couple other snacks I enjoy are veggies straws with hummus, bell peppers (the orange ones are the sweetest) with hummus, and lots of fruit. I seriously could eat fruit all day long! Now that it's getting warmer out, my snack intake has slowed down. I am trying to be very smart about what I am eating from noon on because my body just swells up with the heat! :(

Last important reminders
Making sure you get enough water intake throughout the day is SO IMPORTANT no matter if your pregnant or not. It helps flush everything out and it helps keep your metabolism going as well. If you are the type of person where water is hard to drink through out the day, look up some water fused recipes on Pinterest. That's a fun and easy way to help you drink water. Also, ice tea is a good way to switch up your hydration intake, nice boot of antioxidants! I love making sun tea during the summer. I just fill up a big jug of water, add 12 lipton ice tea bags and sit it in the sun for the day!

Lastly, just remember any effort you are putting into your workout routine is a positive thing. Don't beat yourself up if you fall off course or keep slipping up. Believe me, I've been there to many times to count. The important thing is your are not giving up completely! If you are looking for inspiration or motivation for yourself, try making a goal poster or making a new board on Pinterest. I do these all the time and it is really helpful when I am down and out. If you can find a buddy to keep you motivated or check in on how you are doing that could diffidently keep you on track! Just reminder every positive step forward is a great thing for you and your baby!

I really hope you enjoyed today's post ladies. If you want to see more of these kinds of post PLEASE leave me a comment below or message me on my social media outlets.


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