Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Second Trimester Recap

Goodbye second trimeter, hello third trimester!!!

It's amazing how fast your pregnancy goes by when you have older kids. I have a little over a moth  to go before this sweet little Baby A makes her debut. It's so bittersweet because I am so excited to meet her and yet I want more time with my littles because our family dynamic is going to change. I am so grateful for God's timing with this third baby tho. I will be able to get my kids settled into the new school year for about a week and then it's her turn to get Mama's attention! Thankfully my kids are super excited to meet their new little sister, which makes it so much easier on this Mama.

Highs and Lows

These past weeks has brought on many highs and lows but I'm diffidently not complaining because it's giving me a healthy baby girl come August.

The highs has been feeling her move and groove in my belly. Seeing Averie and Charles's little faces completely LIGHT UP when they felt their little sister kick for the first time. Watching the kids build the crib with their Dad and getting so excited about her room coming together. Hearing them talk about how they can help me with different things after their sister is born. I have been blessed with such eager helpers!!

Lows for thus far have been the wonderful swelling and water retention!! Being pregnant in Arizona is killer ladies. I have to elevate my legs a few times during the day because my legs get to tight!! I try to make sure I drink a ton of water during the day and really be careful with my sodium intake. Thankfully we have a pool and my doctor shared that it's the best thing for my body during the Summer.


My diet lately has been all out of whack. With traveling and the kids busy with Summer activities, it's been very hard sticking to a normal healthy diet. Thus far I have gained about 30 pounds which is 10 pounds over where I wanted to be at this point. I know those 10 extra pounds have been added by poor diet for sure! So now like always, I am struggling to get my act together and really watch what I eat because I don't want to deal with it after Baby A is born. If I get on a good plan the seems to work for me, I will be sharing it with you. I know we put a lot of unnecessary stress on ourselves when it comes to weight gain and how we look. But I feel like the time it's different because I am pregnant and I should be taking way better care of my body than I normally do! It's so hard tho when you are taking care of your family, dealing with life stresses, and oh yea...dealing with fun pregnancy hormones! I can say that I am proud of myself for at least trying to get ahold of it and do the best when I can.


My daily excise routine has majorly slowed down unfortunately and heres why. First because it's so hot here in Arizona. I did get a gym membership so I could continue walking but unfortunately with Summer schedules and just life, I haven't been going very much. Secondly, I'm just flat out exhausted from being so pregnant, poor diet, and keeping with my littles. They are such busy active ages and it's a struggle to get their energy out everyday. Thirdly, since I am considered high risk, I have been trying to take it slow with my body. I am so afraid of Baby A coming to early and I have been resting whenever I can so I make sure she stays put! It's a major balancing act right now. Parental yoga is such a wonderful exercise and I am making it a point to fit that into my weekly exercise routine.

Prepping for Baby A

I recently had a baby shower with my family and it was so nice. After getting my gifts back home from the shower, I am realized just how much more stuff I need for her! We are literally starting over from scratch with this baby because I got rid of everything once Averie grew out of it. Her room is coming together and I cannot wait to share her nursery with all of you! I am in the process of doing all of her laundry and packing her hospital bag. Feeling like a first time Mom this time around...not going to lie! It's been 5 and half years since I brought home a newborn and trying to remember what exactly you need from the hospital bag on up! I'm sure once she's born it'll all come back to me, but in the meantime I am trying to remember and read up on everything I can.

Thanks girls for stopping by and checking in with me. I know that my posts have been here and there but life is just kicking my butt lately and I have no idea how I'll get any posts up once Baby A comes! I have every intention to create blog posts for you ladies and post regularly on Instagram but I just don't get that moment to sit down and actually create posts for you and on Instagram I just don't know what to post half of the time. Totally being honest with you here. Social media is such a headache and it's so hard not getting caught up in the Likes and Comments game. Anyways, just wanted to say thanks for the support ladies!!

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