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Hospital Bag for baby: What I packed the third time around

Lets be honest, packing in general can be overwhelming. Anytime we go on a trip I dread packing because you don't really use everything you back and you feel like you don't want to waste space in your bag. On today's post I am hoping to ease your packing worries and troubles by breaking down what I am packing for baby the third time around. Also what I will have in my diaper bag for after the hospital. Sounds like it's pretty basic what to bring but if you are a first time Mom or haven't had a newborn in a handful of years (me!!), then this post will give you some direction and a massive refresher for you and your little one.

I have to say the first thing I throw in my bag for the hospital is super soft blush blanket to lay my baby on and to lay over her on the way home from the hospital. My two older babies were born in California, so it was very practical to have this item in my bag. Having my third little one here in Arizona and it being the dead of Summer, this blanket is more for me and photos at the hospital. 

I was gifted this DREAM blanket by my Mom at my baby shower and ladies it is seriously the softest blanket I have ever felt!! It makes such a wonderful gift to a Mom to be and it comes in so many beautiful colors. I wish I had it for my other two kids when they were babies. I hope Baby A enjoys sleeping with it when she gets older because it's the prefect size. 

The items I have put in my bag for the hospital are the core staples I 'll have in at all times after we get home. The only thing I won't have in my bag post hospital is her little butterfly nightlight. I picked this up to use while nursing and changing diapers during the night. I hate having a harsh light on during the night.

  • Nursing cover
  • Baby wipes
  • Diapers
  • Burp Cloth
  • Hand sanitizer and sanitizer wipes 
  • Variety of pacifiers (until we establish a brand) 
  • Stroller grips (best stroller grips EVER!!) 
  • Pacifier holder
  • Pacifier clips 
  • Receiving blanket
  • Change of clothes for baby
  • A small bag to hold random items 
  • Teething toy(s)

During my travels to California this Summer, I found the prettiest Kate Spade diaper bag for Baby A. I could not pass it up! It has tons of room and just the right amount of pocket space as well. I love the shoulder strap and cross-body option on it. It does come in other color options as well.

Outfits for the Hospital

 Packing clothes to dress your new addition is the most magically and exciting time. It's hard to narrow down what exactly to pack in their bag. You want to pack two different sizes because your little one could be smaller or larger than expected on delivery day. I am a sucker for a sleeper gown when my kids are tiny. It's so easy to pull up and change their diaper and keep them warm at the same time. I also pack a zip up onesie because lets face it, when you are recovering from labor, you want things to be easy as possible. Then I of course pack a going home outfit to change her in. The one I picked out is a "warmer" outfit. I know it will be really warm out the day she is born but with all the AC blowing from the hospital to the car, I don't want to worry about her being under comfortable. With every outfit I have matching headbands and socks, as well as matching blankets.  I have the cutest beanie bow hat and name announcement sticker to use for her hospital photos!! They were super inexpensive and I highly recommend you ladies snag one for your little ones.

 Stroller Must Haves

I will be doing a stroller post after baby arrives so I can give you an honest review on it but for now I will share two items that I already love! As I mentioned above, these stroller grips are the best out there. I used them with both of my kids and had a hard time finding a new set for this baby , but was able to find them online! They are super affordable and don't slip or move around on your stroller.

The other item I am loving is this stroller organizer. I love how the front little pouch can come zip off for your convince as well. It can hold two drinks and has a spot for you phone and keys. I really recommend it ladies if you are in the market for one.

Thank you for checking out today's post ladies. I hope it was helpful for you and your little one! To the Mamas out there about delivery, I am sending you and your little one a healthy and happy delivery day! I have linked everything on this post below for you ladies to snag some of these items for you and your little one!!

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