Saturday, July 14, 2018

Nursery Reveal

We are about 4 weeks out from this little one arriving and I can finally say that I am officially ready for her! I still have a few house projects that I want to get done before she comes though. I have been in major nesting mode lately because the kids are starting school soon and I want everything done way before she is suppose to arrive...just in case! 

I have been wanting to keep her name a secret until she is born but on today's post it will be a little hard to so. I am so excited to share how her room came out and all the love that went into it as well. I really stay budget friendly with her pieces because well that's life right now. The glider was a major spurge from baby girls Nana. With my last two babies I got budget friendly gliders and ladies I just blew through those!! So this time around my Mom wanted to give me a nice chair to hold this little blessing in....seriously the most thoughtful and sweetest Mom a girl could ask for!

The curtains I hung up for her are the best black out curtains! They keep her room cool during the Summer and warm during the Winter. I have the same kind for my other two kids rooms. I hung up the 63" size in her window. They come in a bunch of different colors as well. 

I just fell in LOVE with this canvas from Hobby Lobby. One of daughter's nicknames is "pretty" and I just had to have it for my new little pretty!

My sweet friend made that cactus for baby A's room and I added those two little flowers to go with her decor. 

Her room does't get a ton of natural light, so I wanted to keep her room very light and bright. I love how fresh and cheerful her room is and now I want the rest of my home this way. I found the best little additions for her room at Home Goods, just love that store! I am using those little white baskets to keep her hand bands and bows in, until she is old enough to start going through everything! :) 

Not only does her room not get a ton of light but it also is very small! So organization is key to make it look bigger and neat! I used this diaper organizer with my daughter and just loved it!! It comes with two side containers but I only used the one because of the limited space on her dresser. 

When I redid the kids playroom I had a left over toy storage unit, so I literally squeezed it into her closet! I was so happy it fit because I didn't want to have to find another solution to store all of her items! I picked up these darling chalk board stickers from Home Goods (linked a similar option) and labeled each drawer. I mainly did that for my Husband! HAHA So when I ask him to go get me something, he knows where everything is.   

BIG DRUM ROLL PLEASE.........So we decided to name our sweet little blessing Annabelle! It was so hard to decide on a girl name, boy names are so much easier for me. I really wanted her to have an A name since I started that with little Averie. My sweet and talented sister in law made this banner for her room and on the back of this banner it also says, "its a girl!". We used it for our baby shower and then I just flipped it around when we got home. She also made me that letter "A" for her room as well!! She nailed it for the nursery decor for me and little Annabelle. 

The decor about her crib was inspired by a photo I saw on Pinterest. I believe I shared it with you ladies on my Insta Stories. I found her window pane at Hobby Lobby as well as the green leaf wreathe. Then I added those flowers with some flower wire to finish it off. I will have to move her crib or this decor once my sweet girl can start standing in her crib, so I'll be soaking up this look until then! 

I cannot wait for this next month to come, I am so excited to meet this little blessing. Also to start using all of these fun things we have been collecting for her. This little nap time blanket was a GAME changer when I was winging Averie off of nursing and she still sleeps with it to this day. I had purchase a second one after a major "HOLY CRAP" moment when we first moved to Arizona. We left it at a CostCo and praise the Lord someone had turned it in and we got it back! So now her little sister will have the same one as her to use one day. They come in lots of different colors and animals, also smaller sizes. I personally love this size it's the BEST! It's insanely soft and blush too. 

Thank you so much for checking out today's post ladies. Not everything was linkable but I did my best to find similar items for you to shop from. I want to do another post about my favorite Must Have items for Moms. That post will most likely come after baby so I can test out some new products I picked up for her. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. It’s so beautiful Ashley! I love how fresh and bright it is in the nursery and not over the top girly! Wonderful job! Can’t wait to see sweet Annabelle!




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