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What's in my Hospital Bag: The Third Time Around

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Even after having two babies, I feel like you will always second guess yourself when packing for the hospital. This time around I do feel way more confident packing for our hospital stay. I have linked everything at the end of this post for you ladies that are shopping for your hospital stay.

Items I do not have pictured that I am also bringing are:

  • Cell phone charger
  • headphones ( I made a playlist for labor)
  • Boppy Pillow
  • My own personal pillow (nothing like having a piece of home with you during your hospital stay!) 
  • My first time around I also brought a blanket with me. It was really comforting to have there. 

Nursing bra nursing dress

Post Delivery:

Once you push that bundle of joy out and reality sets in for you. Here is what you will need for the recovery room. The hospital I delivered my two kids at didn't want me in my nightgown during the stay due to their skin to skin/breastfeeding mission for Moms. Now I know a lot of Mom's usually have friends and family that come and visit them during their stay, so having a nightgown/robe is a MUST! We unfortunately never had anyone visit us when our kids were born because we live away from our family.

Item's you'll need:
  • Nursing night gown or pajama set
  • robe ( I love having this option for hospital photos)
  • Sleep nursing bra (they are so comfortable!)
  • "grandma" underies ( Linked the BEST ones)
  • Cozy socks (love how they make you feel more at home)
  • Pads. ( I personally buy the HEAVY overnight pads) The hospital will provide you with pads and "underwear" post delivery but I like having my own just in case you don't like what they have for you. 
  • Nursing pads (I have personally never needed these right after delivery but it doesn't hurt to have them JUST in case!)

toiletry items for hospital

Toiletry Essentials:
I feel like this department is really up to what you think you'll need. I never took showers during my stay but some women do because they could of have a long labor and feel like they want to shower post delivery. With it being so hot here in Arizona, I brought items to shower with because I feel like I would want to shower post delivery if I am able to.
  • Toothbrush
  • Toothpaste
  • Mouthwash
  • Deordant 
  • chapstick (lips and mouth get dry during labor)
  • Moisturizer
  • Two different styles of hair ties ( depending what kind of mood you are in during labor and post delivery) 
  • Body wash
  • Wash Cloth (bring one that you don't mind just tossing afterwards)
  • Face wash ( I packed little throw away wipes, just in case I can't get out of bed and want to wash my face off)
In my make up bag I packed my core staples to do a 5 minute face. I also threw in a mirror so I could do it while in bed! I am not that girl who wants a full face for photos by any means. We are planning on snapping some photos while we are there and I just want to look half way alive in them! HAHA

gap nursing dress nursing bra

Going Home Outfit:

Now that you have been cleared to take that beautiful baby home, here is what you'll need to make sure to pack.
  • Nursing friend dress or lose fitting pants and top (you'll be pretty sore from delivery so don't pack anything tight fitting) 
  • Nursing bra ( it's best to stay away from wired nursing bras until your milk fully comes in and is established. Your breasts are going to be so tender and the bras I linked are SO comfortable and affordable. This is based off my own personal experiences) 
  • Pair of flip flops or sandals (really anything easy to slip on and off )

Items you may need on hand after the hospital: 

Once you get home from the hospital, also depending on how your labor/delivery went. I am sharing items that I personally keep on hand after I get home from the hospital.

  • Pads pads pads!! You will go through these like crazy for the first week (in my experience)
  • Cleansing wipes. Not to get TMI on you but your vagina is going to be pretty sore and the last thing you want is anything dry and rough on it when you are changing out your pads. I have enjoyed having these flushable wipes to use for those first couple of days to help ease the discomfort.  
  • Hemorrhoid wipes! Yes ladies, things are not pretty after delivery and these fun little friends can pop up randomly. So I always have the flushable wipes on hand to help! 
  • Stool softeren. This can be case by case for sure, in my own experience my doctors told me to take them for a couple of days especially if you have hemorrhoids. 
  • As far as pain relievers, I personally never took them because I just don't take pills unless it's completely necessary. Your uterus will be contracting back to normal size but mine never hurt back enough to want to take a pain reliever. Your doctor will be on top of this post delivery, so don't worry to much about this now.
  • Breast pump! Once your milk comes and depending on your supply, you may need to pump! I personally did with both my kids! My last baby I purchased an expensive electric double breast pump and ended up not using it as much as my single breast pump. I loved my single breast pump because I could pump right after nursing my baby with one hand and didn't have to set up a whole pumping station. 
  • Breast Therapy Pads are a LIFE SAVER!! I used these with both my kids once my milk came in. They have a hot and cold option for you to use and they feel amazing on! HAHA I highly recommend these babies! 
  • Nipple cream is a must once you start nursing. I personally loved the Lansinoh nipple cream while nursing. Their are so many options out there now, so I would just try different ones until you establish a favorite. 
Thanks for stopping by today ladies and I sure hope this post was helpful for you Moms getting ready to delivery your first baby!

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