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New Mom Must Haves

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Today I am breaking down new Mom must have items for you and your little one. Having three babies over the past 7 years, I have used just about everything. The products I am recommending are products I have used on myself and my kids!

Nursing and Bottle Feeding

With my first born, I wasn't successful nursing him. So I bumped until my milk dried up and then I switched to formula. If I had the tools I have now and had with my second born, I would have been able to nurse him no problem!  With my second born and now third born, breastfeeding them was and is a dream! It's hard work for sure and their were lots of tears and pain along the way, but giving up wasn't an option for me.

Breastfeeding the third time around was a bit of a challenge in the early stages. Her latch was very small which lead to cracked and bloody nipples for Mama! I experienced some of this with my son but I feel like the third time around it was a lot more painful and emotional for me. Staying positive and hopeful along with using my "breastfeeding bible". It got me to my goal of being able to joyfully breastfeeding my sweet little girl. Also with nursing, make sure you get yourself a nice water bottle to use throughout the day/night. You will be drinking a ton of water to help produce that milk and I love having ice cold water to keep me on track with that. I personally use a 40oz Hydro Flask and drink 4-5 a day!

The 3-1 Breast Therapy was a lifesaver once my milk came in. I used it with my other pregnancies as well and I highly recommend it! I haven't pumped much at all this time around because she has been a major cluster feeder!! Once she starts sleeping longer during the night I will get up to pump during those missed feedings. I love this single handed pump because it's super cheap and gets the job done. If you are looking to pump because you have to go back to work or you will need to bottle feed, then I recommend a nicer double pump. As far as bottles goes, I recommend the Nuk bottles, my older kids loved them so much! They are easy to clean and my kids never got gassy bellies from them either!

It goes without saying that if you are going to be nursing you will need a Boppy pillow!! I love how you can use it to lay baby on once they start holding their head up more and when they want to sit up but fall over still, it's nice to put it behind their little backs when you are playing on the floor together. It's also great for tummy time too when they are older.

**TIP for cracked nipples while nursing** 
I was using the Lansinoh cream but it didn't seem to help a whole lot this time around. I had a Lacation Nurse come by while I was in the hospital and she said to express some colostrum or milk onto your nipples and then let them air dry! Also let them air dry after nursing the best you can as well and that will also help with the cracking! I did this for about a week and ladies it really works!!!!! You want to avoid having your nursing bras tight against your nipples as well during this time because it will make it worse. 

Baby Gear

This topic is my absolute favorite because I feel like I've used it all! I think my favorite piece of baby gear is the stroller system because you use that everyday. With my other two kids I used the fabulous Orbit Baby system but sadly they went out of business. This time around I am using the Nuna Demi Grow stroller and Nuna Pipa Lite LX carseat, entire set is a complete dream to use! I have gotten stopped a handful of times while we are out about our stroller and Mom's asking me a ton of questions about it. The safety ratings on the carseat are amazing and it's so light, which is awesome once baby gets older. The padding inside the seat is like a massive pillow for baby to lay on! My Husband was even impressed with he design of it. I also love the bassinet you can purchase for this stroller. She loves to nap in it while we are out! 

I am really enjoying the  organizer on my stroller I picked up and I highly recommend these stroller hooks! It's funny how two small things can really make a difference on your stroller. My stroller has a massive storage area too! This time around I am a little embarrassed to say that I have purchased three diaper bags!! Yes, I know it's a little silly BUT I love all three so much!! I have my gorgeous Kate Spade, Freshly Picked Backpack, and snagged the Fawn Design one when they have their Summer blow out sale! I love a good backpack diaper bag so much, especially when you have more than one kid to watch after. 

Having a good baby carrier can be life changing when you have a baby that wants to be held all the time, which were all of my kids. I am not complaining because I LOVE to carry my babies 24/7. I have been using my Solly Baby wrap and if you watch my IG stories, you know how much I love it. If you are looking for one that is more budget friendly, Moby Baby wrap is extremely similar and I used it with my son 7 years ago. I also purchased a front facing carrier because my third baby loves to be forward facing when she is awake. Baby B Jorn carrier is such a wonderful carrier and very budget. I used this carrier with my oldest and I wanted the 360 Ergo Carrier but just wasn't in the budget for me right now. 

I went back and fourth on having a Halo bassinet and pack in play for her. I ended up returning my Halo bassinet because the DOCK A TOT worked so well of her. You can place the DOCK A TOT in the back in play! Currently I have her sleeping in her crib with her DOCK A TOT and use my pack in play downstairs as my diaper changing station or to lay her down if I need to do something. I don't recommend spending a ton on  a pack in play, it's honestly a complete waste of money. Made that mistake with my son! I spend $79 on my current one and it works great! I think bassinets are great in theory but honestly it's such a big ticket item for a short about of time. 

The last piece of gear I'll go into detail about is the amazing DOCK A TOT!!! Ladies is the one piece of gear every Mom should really curious purchasing for their little one. My sweet girl LOVES this thing and so do I. It's so nice to have a piece of mind when you lay your baby down to sleep. I am saving up for the toddler size next for her! 

I linked more items that I have really loved so far below! Also, I have linked a handful of items through Nordstrom and wanted you to know that I have been able to return baby items that I have purchased from them with no problems! 


Every nursery should have a good rocking chair! With my other two kids, I actually went through 4 rocking chairs...yes that's right!! They weren't that cheap either, $180 a piece!! The backing on the chairs just broke and the base of the chair started coming apart. My Husband was rocking our son and the base of the chair just broke!!! My Mom spoiled me this time around and ordered me a reclining rocking chair! I got so many messages about my chair via IG Stories and I made a highlight for you ladies with all the info about it. I am not able to link in on this post of you. I can say that it did come from Buy Buy Baby and I was able to use a 20% off coupon on it!  So I recommend investing in a chair ladies because it makes a world of a difference during those late night feedings. 

Another items I recommend for your nursery are:
I have major blanket obsession and this time around I tried my best not to go over board. Since we were in the dead of Summer when she was born, I didn't get to many warm blankets (it's more fun to save some stuff for to shop for later). The one warm blanket I did get is the softest and coziest blanket I have ever owned!! It comes in a ton of colors and is super warm too. Muslin blankets are another must have item. They are great multi use blanket for baby...swaddling, tummy time, nurse cover (if you are in a bind), and to lay over the carseat. 

I am still finding the prefect swaddle blanket for Annabelle. We tried the Halo swaddle many times and it just didn't work for us, not to say it wouldn't work for you. It's very soft and well made but just wasn't for us. Many of you Mamas recommend the Love to Dream swaddle and it will arrive any day now. So I'll keep you posted via IG stories on how it is working for us. Halo makes a sleep sack that she loves and so do I! It is very soft and zips up from the bottom for easy diaper changing. This sleep sack will be even better when she is a bit older and out of the swaddle stage. 

We are still working on the pacifier and seeing which one she likes. She took to the traditional newborn pacifier in the hospital but she started getting some nipple confusion which lead to very sore nipples for Mommy, so I took it away. Now she doesn't want it anymore which is totally fine but it would be so nice to have to use in the car or when we are out and about when she gets upset. I purchased all different kinds to have on hand when she was born and I ordered THESE and hoping she takes to them, I heard they work well for picky babies. I recently got THIS one in the mail and it's pretty cool because it can be used as a teether also!

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