Sunday, October 21, 2018

Fall Family Photo Outfits/Inspo

Can you believe we are entering into the holiday season already?! Like many of you, this is my absolute favorite time of year!! We are getting our family photos done in a couple of weeks and the stress is on to find 5 matching outfits plus everyone has to agree with them. This year is extra special for me because sweet Annabelle has joined our family and now I get to match two little girls for our photos!! The girls outfits are my favorites hands down.

Old Navy family photo outfits matching girl dresses
 Averie's Dress, Shoes, Bow, || Annabelle's Dress, Shoes, Bow

 So thankful I could order all of our outfits from the same retailer, everything just flows so much more nicely when that happens. I just love how Old Navy offers matching dresses for baby, girls, and women. I tried to use pieces they had already had. For example, Averie already had this dress so I picked up new shoes to go with it. Annabelle already had these shoes, so I picked up the dress for her. This is a great way to save money!

old navy mens polo boys striped tee with jeans
Husband's Polo ||  Charles's top, jeans shoes 

It's funny because my son wears basketball shorts and basic tees with flip flops when he doesn't have to wear his school uniform. So he needed a top to bottom outfit this year! I am missing his shoes, but I did link them for you. I have bought him the same pair every year and also pick them up in black as well. They go with everything and they are great for his school events as well. I just went basic for the boys. My guys don't do well with layers and my son will be a stinker if I get him a cute sweater or button up. So I have learned my lesson from years back just to embrace what I can get on him to take a decent photo. I really try and get clothes that we can reuse throughout the year. My hubby was super easy to buy for because he is so basic it's ridiculous! Going for a basic polo is golden for this Wife because he use it for work later on.

old navy womens button up with cream sweater brown booties

This year I am having a harder time finding an outfit I feel really good in. If you saw on my Insta Stories today, I did talk about that. It's a struggle to find clothes in general after having a baby, but finding something you have to feel good to be photographed in is the biggest challenge a Mother can come up against! HA! I have a couple options that I am messing around with and I just love all  these colors together. Even If I don't wear these options for the photos, I will still wear them in general because I just love the pieces.

old navy green button up dress with brown booties

I may just go with the green dress but I kinda wanted to wear jeans just because I feel more comfortable in them for family photos. The jean dress I paired with a long cardigan is seriously the most comfortable outfit I have worn in awhile! The dress pictured is no longer in stock but I linked a very simpler option plus a couple other options below for you. I just love pairing booties with dresses as well for Fall. It's such a fun and easy way to switch up an outfit! 

I really hope this post was helpful for you ladies and that it gave you some inspiration for your shopping excursion. I cannot wait to see my family all dressed up for the fits and melt downs we will have on picture day! HA! But seriously, I am excited to have some updated family photos for our home. 

I have linked everything picture above for you, plus a few items more for you ladies! 

Happy shopping!! 

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