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I want to welcome my dear friend Terrin Thompson as my FIRST guest blogger on my NEW WEBSITE!!! Yay!! This is such a big day for the both of us because we have talked about creating a YouTube channel/blog together and it’s slowly coming together but in a different way than we had discussed. So let give you a little intro about Terrin.

Terrin and I used to be neighbors out here in Arizona. She recently moved her family back to Souther California (where they are originally from) for her Husband’s job. We both have small children and are busy Mommy’s! We also have major passions for empowering other Mom’s and women to make themselves feel better and to help get their groove back after having children.

She has taught me SO much about my own make up routine and introduced new tips and tricks that she has done over the years. I really hope her schedule allows her to create a YouTube channel one day because I she is so amazing to learn from. If you are in the Souther California area, she does weddings, special events, make up lessons and much more! You will be able to check her website and follow her on Instagram with the links at the end of this post!

I could keep going on about her but lets dive into today’s video!! You ladies will be able to shop all the products that she used at the end of the post. If you have any questions please shoot us a comment either on this post or on my YouTube channel! Make sure to LIKE and SUBSCRIBE after you watch the video!

Check out Terrin’s website, Terrin Thompson Beauty and also make sure to follower her on Instagram @beautyby_terrin.

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Thank you so much stopping by and checking out our post and I really hope you are loving the new website ladies!! I’m so excited for the new year and all the things!!!


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