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Ashley Clark Blog-Current favorite baby products

Being a third time Mom, I thought, “you know what I got this! I know what my other two kids liked/enjoyed and what worked for us.” Products have changed so much in the past 5 years and I am so grateful for that because we have been enjoying so many of these products. I’m saying we used these products once or twice, no we are have used them many times (or until she grew out of them) or are still currently using them now.

A little background on Annabelle. She has been breastfeed since birth, started sleeping in her crib at 2 months, and will take a pacifier off and on. We are currently battling her eczema patches, they are very mild compared to what most Mama’s have to go through with their babies that have eczema! So far she has no allergies to anything but I am trying my hardest to eat diary free for her to see if that helps with her eczema. She has very sensitive skin and lately and she’s the sweetest thing!

I will be breaking down these products based on when we used them ( just to make it easier), Baby Gear, Bath, Bed time, etc. Their will be products that we are still using now that we have used since she was born. Also I will add in some products that I wish I had on hand when she was first born!

Birth to 2 Months

The first handful of weeks after you bring your baby home can be complete burr! Also you go through just about every product you collected for your little bundle as well. Everything is trail and error during this period as well, which is fun but also frustrating. So I have rounded up items that have worked for Annabelle as well as my other two kids.

Baby Gear:

First off my entire carseat system is WORTH EVERY PENNY! I had originally purchased the Nuna Mixx stroller system and had a change of heart for the Demi Grow System they have…so thankful I exchanged it out. I purchased everything through Nordstroms and I’m SO HAPPY I did because they were so helpful and great about my exchanges! I had purchased my stroller system MONTHS before Annabelle was born and they still exchanged everything without any boxes and packaging. The main difference for me between the two strollers was the size of the seat on the stroller and the storage. The Demi grow is set up for a second child under the top seat (which I would never use) so it offers a ton of room and the I love how high the seat sits up . Plus over all the seat on the Demi Grow is so much better! I seriously could go on and on about this stroller system and carseat. So if you have certain questions, please comment on the post and I’ll be happy to answer them!

A little more about the other item I am so thankful I saved all my pennies for is her carseat! Man, that’s the best carseat I have ever used, even my Husband was impressed by it. First off it’s so lite!! The seats itself weights 5.7 pounds and it’s a lifesaver when you have big babies. The only downer of this seat is that you have to use the base that it comes with. You cannot use a seat belt to install it in other car, for me this is not an issue because my kids are always with me. The base that it does come with it a dream base! SUPER easy to install as well. My favorite part of this seat is the dream drape!! I love to have a shade for my kids and to be able to protect them not only from the sun but from germs as well! We also used the bassinet they have as well. I wish I would use it more honestly because I just love it so much. When my Mom was in town when she was first born, we used it a ton when we took walks around the mall. Annabelle loved it and slept so well in it. It also comes with a dream drape as well!

Continuing on with other baby gear we loved and are still using. I got asked a lot if the Dock A Tot is worth it and honestly YES it is! I know it’s a pricy item but that thing saved me when Annabelle came home. She wouldn’t sleep in the Rock N Play I had used with my son (who LOVED it by the way) and of course she was to little to lay solo in the crib. It’s a wonderful place to help them transition from your bed to their crib as well! (which is what I did) I still use it now, I love being able to move it around the house and have a nice clean safe place to lay her in. I want to get the next size up for her. They also offer an accessory play bar you can add to it as well. I would love to get that for her too. I use my Rock N Play a ton still. She will sit in it while I shower, give the kids, showers, change, do laundry, etc. I have a two story home so I keep that upstairs and move it around where ever I need it.

My Husband surprised me with a Bob Revolution Flex Stroller for Christmas and I was so excited!! I had the same stroller with my other two kids and used it everyday for the past 7 years. I had a double when Annabelle was born and sold it because I didn’t need a double anymore. I couldn’t wait to get another one/for her to get big enough for it! I HIGHLY recommend that jogging stroller.

Bath: Bath time was tricky for us this time around due to Annabelle’s sensitive skin. Normally I use all the yummy smelly bath soaps and lotions but not this time around. We had to pick up some Vanicream products along with a special soap for her terrible cradle cap! Frida Baby makes a Skin Smoother that was wonderful for her cradle cap and also help with her ezscama. We are still using the Vanicream soap but not the lotion because the lotion is to heavy for her skin due to her heat rash break out shortly after she was born.. A wonderful follower recommended Ezscama Honey cream that has saved us so much!! I recently started using the Aveno Baby Ezscama cream as well. That seems to help also!

3 Months to 5 Months

Annabelle basically started teething around 2-3 Months! Just a few weeks ago she really started holding onto toys and grabbing them to chew on. Now the challenge is to find toys that she enjoys to pass the time with! I’ve linked all of her favorites here for you ladies!


For Christmas we got her this super fun activity center! My son had the exact same one and he absolutely loved and now so does she! On Instagram I shared this 4-1 seat I scored for $34 and we have used it so much since we got it. She really enjoys sitting in it on the counter while I cook and clean up the kitchen. I highly recommend this chair ladies, it does come in a pink and blue.


Tummy Time is so fun when they really start enjoying it. Annabelle is finally at that point and I can’t wait until the sitting up stage because I love playing with them on the floor. This light up turtle my son had when he was tiny and man did we use it a ton! I was so happy when I found it again. We love our mirror and and soft blocks too. I am going to order that big area mat for her to lay on! I also linked other items that I would love to have as well.

Tummy Time:

Bed Time: I went over a few bed time items from the birth- 2 moths, the Dock A Tot and Rock N Play. I just want to add on a few items that we really started using after 3 months. I also did a nursery post and we are using all the items in that post as well. With Annabelle’s little head being so sensitive from her darn ezscama, I wanted to find a really soft crib sheet she could use. So I picked up two of these sheets and ladies they are MUST have item!! If you need a baby shower gift, this would be it! Those sleepers saved me as well because they are so stretchy and soft! Having that little night light was really helpful for me during night feedings and when I needed to change her. She loves to stare at it and it’s the sweetest thing.

Other odd’s and ends we are loving

I am still really trying to get her to take a pacifier and some day’s she will take one like a champ for a few minutes and other’s she thinks it is the worst thing on the planet! HA! I really love this two in one pacifier from Ryan and Rose. Her company is amazing and a must follow account on Instagram. She is coming out with new products that I cannot wait to get my hands on. Right now we are enjoying her pacifier that can be used as a teether and also her teething ring. I love how everything in her shop matches as well!! Her products are so well made and I own a handful of them.

I have been switching back and fourth between diaper bags since Annabelle was born. I purchased three actually, a Kate Spade one, Fawn Design, and Freshly Picked Backpack. I carried my Kate Spade a ton when Annabelle was a newborn because I wasn’t really on the go. Now that I am out and about with my older two, a diaper backpack is a MUST for me! I wear Annabelle a ton, as you know and it’s just easier having a backpack style bag. I have to say that each backpack is majorly different. The Freshly Picked backpack has a lot more structure and room. It’s not massive at all! The Fawn Design is a lot smaller backpack and doesn’t doesn’t have a ton of structure to it. I find myself not being able to put a ton of her things in there but I still love it. What I love most about the Fawn Design is that I can use it after she is out of diapers! Because it doesn’t look like a diaper bag at all! I have linked what I always keep in my diaper bag and use daily! I did take my diaper changing pad out of my Freshly Picked bag to use in my Fawn one because the Fawn one does not come with one, which is a bummer. I did link a Fawn Design dupe bag for you ladies that’s under $40!! It seriously is such a good dupe!!

I really hoped you enjoyed this oh so long post but I felt like I needed to really go in depth on some items that I felt so strongly about. I don't like when bloggers just throw up products on a page and say, “They are great! You should buy them!” I feel a since of responsibility to my readers to be really open and honest about products and items I use. I never want to promote something without my honest opinion.

Thank you again for always going out of your way to shop my links as well. Without your support I couldn’t keep this little blog of mine going! If you have any questions or comments about these products, please feel free to comment blow and I would be happy to help in any way that I can!


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