Why I decided to open my family up on social media

Ashley Clark Blog: Why I decided to open up on social media

Now this might be the most viewed post in my blogging career and that’s quite okay! If you have been following my blogging journey for the past 4 years, you know that I have kept my family private from the get go. My intention for my blog was to only share my personal style and to style outfits give my readers inspiration within their own style. I would share my kids from time to time but would always keep their faces hidden, trying to meet in the middle of being relatable yet respect my own wishes of keeping them private.

As the years went on this worked well but their were many times were it was hard because I wouldn’t get to wok with certain brands or be relatable enough for certain readers to follow or engage with me. Which was fine, I can’t please everyone. At the end of last year I found out I was pregnant with Annabelle and it was a major shock. I was overwhelmed with emotions and trying to navigate my way through the beginning of a new pregnancy while taking care of my other kids. It was a major adjustment and I had to cut out many things in my life that added any stresses to my pregnancy, my blog was a BIG one. At the time my blog was going no where and my follower count was 6k plus but it was so fake you guys….being REAL honest here. I found zero joy in continuing and deleted my Instagram account which looking back now, wish I would have explained myself to the handful of real people following me. So if you are one of those followers today, I apologize! I just made a decision that I felt at the time was needed.

Ashley Clark Blog: Why I decided to open up on social media

As my pregnancy went on and I felt like I had a real handle on life again, I went back to my blog and realized just how much I missed it. I missed the community of women, the interaction with certain bloggers I made friends with, and lets me honest….the styling of outfits! So I made a promise to myself that I would just have fun with my new account and stay true to who I was and not feel guilty or COMPARE myself to others. After a few months, I followed through on that promise but I did fall off that train a few times, I’m only human. Once Annabelle was born, It was so hard not to share certain moments with everyone because I still was keeping so much of my life private.

The last few months sharing my family weighed on my heart so much. I prayed for direction for the blog/passion and where it was leading me because God always kept my blog on my mind. I don’t have a group of friends or even a close friend in my town to get that since of community with and that’s totally okay! Motherhood is such a lonely journey at times and I’m so thankful for the communities built from social media today. Social media has a lot of down falls but it also has some really great perks! After much prayer and soul searching, I decided it was time to really open up my life with my readers BECAUSE my blog wasn’t going anywhere. I felt like this past year I was always one foot in and one foot out with it, when I always wanted to be all the way in!! God was truly showing me that I was meant to share my journey, whatever that may be at the time. Even to touch one persons heart or give them the motivation or inspiration that they many need!

Ashley Clark Blog: Why I decided to open up on social media

I am so lucky to have such an amazing family to support me and my blogging journey. They are my biggest cheerleaders and always kept telling me that I should keep going and keep sharing because I find so much joy in it. I would be completely lying if I said I am still nervous to post my family because I kept things private for so long, it’s going to take some time to adjust. Yes I’m scared of the creeps out there but the best part is, I am in control of what I share and how I share it!!! I’m a very cautious person at heart and I will continuing to only share certain things about my family but I feel like since I opened this door, I feel so free!!! The feedback I have gotten these past couple of days has been so overwhelming. I have the sweetest followers and I’m so grateful for each and every one of you. Thank you for accepting me since day one when I kept my family private and accepting me again for wanting to open up and share more with all of you!!!

I am so excited to finish out the year strong and to see where this little passion of mine with take me. One of you wrote me and said that since I started sharing my family, I look so much more happier and you guys, I totally am!!!! So thank you for reading this post and here’s to many more fun times together.