Save The Date Magnets + More Ways to Create Unique Wedding & Stationery Ideas from Basic Invite

Ashley Clark Blog:save the save magnets with basic invite

With my 10 year wedding anniversary around the corner, it has gotten me thinking about certain ways I could relive that insanely fun time in ones relationship. So when Basic Invite asked me to partner with them today, I couldn’t say yes fast enough! Through out this post I will be sharing all the reasons why I love Basic Invite and why I wished they were around when I got married 10 years ago!

Ashley Clark Blog: Basic Invite

Almost Unlimited Colors

Basic Invite is one of the few websites that allows customers almost unlimited color options with insistent previews online. When you have found your invite and want to start personalizing it, you will have over 180 different color options to choose from AND you will be able to change the color on every single part of your invite! Talk about taking your personalization to the next level! For example; with the photo shown above, you would be able to select the color on each of those flowers!

If you wanting to give your invites a little more character, you will have over 40 different colors of envelopes to choose from, so your invite stands out even before it’s opened. Also envelopes come peel and seal, so they can be quickly and securely closed.

Ashley Clark Blog: Basic Invite
Ashley Clark Blog: Basic Invite

Free Personalized Website

Just like their invites, they offer a completely customizable websites with over 180 custom colors and you can choose a design to match your wedding invitation suite + the website is free! These websites are mobile friendly and easy to use. You can simply upload all your wedding details, images, and even directions to make it convenient and simple for you guests. Basic Invite also offers another great free service to help with your wedding needs. With their free address collection service you can collection all the address you need with three simple steps. First share a link, second collect the address, and lastly get free envelope printing.

Ashley Clark Blog: Basic Invite

All The Extras

I love the extra little touches Basic Invite offer’s for their customers. From fun save the dates for wedding to customer wedding coasters, they have really thought of every way to make your wedding stand out before the big day. They also have an all in one seal & send wedding invitations , which have a tear-off RSVP card, as well as the guest address printed on the front so envelopes are not needed!

There are over 900 wedding invitations to chose from and all of them have matching save the dates to wedding programs to menus and even thank you cards! So it’s save to say that they have a design for just about everybody and I don’t say that lightly. I had so much fun looking at all the beautiful designs, fun foils, and different elements every invite brought. Even tho I’m not going to be using their wedding services, I will be ordering Annabelle’s First Birthday invites from them! I can’t wait to personalize one with her little photos because I LOVE putting those in the kids baby books.

Ashley Clark Blog: Basic Invite


Lastly what I TRULY love about Basie Invite has a sample feature. I can honestly say I have never seen this before!! Before committing to an entire order for your event, I love that you can see what it will look and feel like before you place your final order. I placed an order from their stationary section for my business and ordered some business cards and a sample of their stationery. My order came packaged well and also came before the 7-10 business days that was quoted to me when placing my order. All in all, I was so happy with my order and excited to place my next order because I had SO MUCH FUN playing around with the different designs and colors. I just love how my business cards came out too! They also send you this color sheet with your sample, so you can see what colors are available to you with that item.

I hope you guys enjoyed todays post and if have any questions about placing an order with Basic Invite or have ordered with them before, please comment below because I would love to hear from you!


* Please note that this post was sponsored by Basic Invite but my opinions and experience is all my own! I had such a fun time creating my products with Basic Invite and excited to place my next order!*